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IShowSpeed Allegedly Breaks His Neck Attempting A Backflip In Germany

Darren, or IShowSpeed, apparently broke his neck while trying to do a backflip in Germany.

Darren was streaming his first IRL vlog from Germany this time.

IShowSpeed Allegedly Breaks His Neck

So, Darren is currently in Germany. Ishowspeed was streaming in a ball pit and he was jumping around.

Darren attempted a backflip and landed with a sound of crack, which was well heard when he landed.

This raised huge questions among the fans and Speed was in pain as well. People thought that he broke his neck, but later it was revealed that he did not break his neck, rather he just cracked it. Neck pain can be extremely discomforting and painful to the person experiencing it.

Speed continued to stream for 2 more hours after the incident occurred and he was fine, showing no sign of a neck break. In the post shared by the fans, the note was also added that he did not break his neck, but he just cracked it.

“IShowSpeed did not break his neck. He continued to stream for another two hours and a half after this,” the note read.

Though fans are having a funny time because of this incident, most of them are worried about the well-being of Darren. Speed has won the hearts of millions, and he is known for his witty jokes and streams online. Darren also tends to interact with his fans, which is mostly funny and very entertaining.

Speed recently won the hearts of many people because of his philanthropic way of donating money to Palestine, half of the large sum he got from Mr. Beast’s competition which he took part in.

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