IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy’s Date, All About Their Relationship

Love is all over the internet and the streaming world currently. It is evident by the way IShowSpeed is now blushing over things and how Amy Flamy is also describing the cute little moments she had with him during their date.

IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy’s Date

Back on May 14, 2024, Darren went to Korea to visit and have a vacation there. During his stay there, he met famous Korean YouTuber Amy Flamy and they started live streaming together.

On May 25, 2024, the two of them went to watch the match which happened in Wembley Stadium between Manchester United and Manchester City.

When their team scored a goal, Darren asked Amy to kiss him out of excitement. Everything was getting streamed and then people started teasing Ishowspeed on the live chat. They were saying Darren romantically liked her and he should ask her out and everything.

Ishowspeed kept on rejecting the possibility of them being together, but however, he finally accepted after a final time.

He said that he did like her, but according to him, it was too early for him to ask her out. Things got intensified when Amy said another thing about her date which they went to and they shared cute moments.

She said, “First of all, I got to meet IShowSpeed and I went on a date with him. That’s crazy! And we had our cute little moments, and it was all cute! And when I tell you – IShowSpeed has a crazy amount of fans in Korea. Whatever you’re thinking, double it, because honestly, I thought we were filming Train to Busan with, like, a zombie apocalypse because fans were coming from all over!”

Amy did get a bit of hate later stating that she was doing all of this for money. But Amy opened up about the fact that she does not need more money, and she isn’t doing it for clout either. According to Amy, she is having fun with Darren and she needs no money and is good in that aspect as well.

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