WATCH: IShowSpeed Gets Stopped By Military Personel While Streaming On South and North Korean Border

IShowSpeed recently took a trip to Korea and decided to stream his whole trip, considering that’s what he does for a living, right? So while he was taking this trip, a little topsy-turvy scene happened at the Unification Village.

IShowSpeed Gets Barred By Military Personel

The spot is where North and South Korea used to discuss and derive their peace treaty programs.

When they tried to set up their streaming setup there, the military cops came in and took away their setup for privacy control.

However, they also took away his backpack which he was using for the streaming.

Later, he continued to stream with his phone but that was a little daunting considering someone was constantly watching him while he was streaming.

IShowSpeed also streamed when the military personnel were barring him from streaming.

Lastly, he also showed the video and cool shenanigans people tend to do on Korean nights.

Going to Korea or taking a trip there is somewhat more difficult than what is thought of.

The government has made strict protocols since 2017 that people should not go there without special visas and permission.

He also shared videos of him interacting with Korean citizens, asking about his vlogs.

IShowSpeed is seemingly having a fun time in this way around his Korean trip, and we’re also loving how engaging the trip and this stream are turning out to be!

Going there can cause one to get in serious trouble with the law which can be a little too risky for anyone.

IShowSpeed had his special permission to visit the country. He also had a guide with him to show him around.

However, places like the Unification Village are very sensitive areas hence he wasn’t allowed to stay there for too long and to stream there.

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