Israel-Hamas War Updates: Video of Israeli Soldiers Toying Around Women’s Lingerie Goes Viral

Gaza is currently the storehouse of heightened tensions. Amid many controversies, a post sharing videos and photos of Israeli soldiers allegedly holding women’s lingerie has gone viral. 

As per Financial Express, the pictures and videos have sparked mass outrage among the social media platform users as they purportedly featured “soldiers handling women’s lingerie found in Palestinian homes.”

The post has drawn condemnation from human rights organizations and Palestinian homes. 

According to Reuters, this video is considered one of many posts showcasing Israeli troops in Gaza displaying mannequins and lingerie. 

A self-described reporter from Palestine, Younis Tirawi, promoted further investigation and scrutiny by reposting many of these images. 

According to TimesNow, Reuters verified a total of eight of these posts on various social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. 

A spokesperson for the UN Human Rights Office, Ravina Shamdasani, called this act of sharing images “demeaning to Palestinian women, and all women.”

Response of Israel Defense Forces

In response, the IDF and the Israel Defense Forces stated that the investigation of incidents deviates from the values and behavior expected from a soldier, reported WION.

The IDF further stated that necessary investigations will be carried out. Moreover, they added, “appropriate action is taken in cases of inappropriate behavior.”

However, the IDF did not clearly mention whether any of the soldiers had been disciplined who were seen in the objectionable posts. 

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The IDF reiterated their commitment every time to interrogate similar incidents involving soldiers behaving inappropriately. However, they did not reveal the specific details concerning the highlighted posts.

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