Israeli Strikes in Rafah Kills At Least 45

Israeli strikes on Rafah have dominated the media headlines, provoking people worldwide. At least 16 Palestinians have been killed in the strike.

First responders said that an escalation of fighting in the southern Gaza City was reported by the residents on May 28.

In early May, an Israeli incursion caused over 1 million people to flee from Rafah. Many people were displaced due to the war between Hamas and Israel. The United States along with other close allies of Israel have repeatedly issued warnings do not provide offensive arms for such an undertaking. 

The International Court of Justice on May 24 announced that it has no power to force Israel to restrict from taking offensive actions. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, assured in a press the Israeli forces must dismantle Hamas and return hostages that they took on October 7. 

The latest violent strikes took place in the exact place where “Israel targeted what it said was a Hamas compound on May 26 night.”

Death Toll Rises, Hospitals Placed under Lock Down

According to BBC, Due to the strike, the camp in which Palestinians were present caught fire, resulting in at least 45 casualties. Mr. Netanyahu announced that on May 26, what happened was a “tragic mishap.” He added that the military is carrying out the investigation. 

As per the Palestinian Red Crescent and Palestinian Civil Defense, a total of 16 people were reported dead in the neighborhood of northwest Rafah, at Tel al-Sultan. 

Israel revealed that currently, it is carrying out certain restricted operations along the Gaza-Egypt border in eastern Rafah. However, heavy bombardment was also reported by the residents of the western parts of Rafah as well. 

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, due to intense bombing nearby, two medical facilities were out of service. In the wake of this, the Indonesian Field Hospital and the Tel al-Sultan medical center were placed under lockdown. Moreover, displaced people, patients, and medics were trapped inside. 

Currently, the majority of the hospitals in the Gaza are no longer functioning.

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