J Molley Suicidal Tweets Sparks Concern Among Fans, No News Of Rapper’s Well-Being 

J Molley aka Jesse Mollett, the famous South African rapper, is yet again back in the limelight among his fans and followers after a series of “alarming messages” were shared by him on social media.

The “Love & Hip Hop SA” star’s tweets suggested that he was attempting suicide.

Thus, the netizens were in a frenzy, causing an outpouring of support from his fans. 

The 25-year-old on Thursday went to X, formerly Twitter, and shared a concerning list of statements. The messages reflected his past trauma and the futility of wealth.

J Molley wrote,

“One thing about this life is that you have to spend money to make money. It is also better to earn foreign currency. Finally, remember that money doesn’t buy happiness. It will never free you from the trauma you have experienced. Only death can do that.”

In the following tweet gave references to the afterlife, mentioning,

“Valhalla, I’m coming… I see you all don’t know what Valhalla means. I’ll see you all there.”

As per Norse mythology, Valhalla is used to reflect death. This message intensified the concerns among the public. 

The messages were highly distressing to some netizens.

However, other netizens accused him of seeking attention.

How the Situation Exacerbated 

This exacerbated the situation as the rapper added,

“Continue with your jokes, you heartless bastards. You’re the biggest reason I’ll be dead in 30 minutes. It has already happened. No one knows where I am and no one can save me. Nobody cares. Bye guys.”

Furthermore, he dealt with his critics personally by giving references to how it is to live in a society. 

The rapper added,

“Look at all the jokes. Are you wondering why I’m about to die? It’s not hard to find out. As a human being with an IQ of 156, certified by Mensa, I have to live among those people with an IQ of 80. God, please forgive me.”

According to Times Now, shortly after the tweets escalated everywhere on social media, reports came up that J Molley allegedly took Xanax.

He was treated by paramedics. However, no updates on his condition could be obtained. 

The rapper’s recent activity on social media reflects the gravity of his questionable emotional and mental state. 

No media outlets or reports have been published stating the current health and mental condition of the rapper.

Fans are waiting for the news of his well-being anxiously.

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