Jai Santoshi Mata Aarti: The Goddess of Joy and Satisfaction

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Jai Santoshi Mata is an aarti dedicated to Hindu deity Maa Santoshi. She is taken into account to be a manifestation of Maa Durga. She is the Goddess of pleasure and satisfaction. Believed to be the daughter of Lord Ganesha, she is a kind-hearted type of Goddess Durga, who’s pure and delicate. To please Santoshi Mata, devotees observe Santoshi Maa Vrat Katha for 16 steady Fridays. It prompts concordachievement, and satisfaction of needs.


Jai Santoshi Mata Aarti in Hindi:

जय सन्तोषी माता, मैया जय सन्तोषी माता।

अपने सेवक जन की सुख सम्पति दाता ॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

सुन्दर चीर सुनहरी मां धारण कीन्हो।

हीरा पन्ना दमके, तन श्रृंगार लीन्हो॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

गेरू लाल छटा छबि बदन कमल सोहे।

मंद हंसत करुणामयी, त्रिभुवन जन मोहे॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

स्वर्ण सिंहासन बैठी चंवर दुरे प्यारे।

धूप, दीप, मधु, मेवा, भोज धरे न्यारे॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

गुड़ अरु चना परम प्रिय तामें संतोष कियो।

संतोषी कहलाई, भक्तन वैभव दियो॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

शुक्रवार प्रिय मानत आज दिवस सोही।

भक्त मंडली छाई, कथा सुनत मोही॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

मंदिर जग मग ज्योति मंगल ध्वनि छाई।

विनय करें हम सेवक, चरनन सिर नाई॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

भक्ति भावमय पूजा अंगीकृत कीजै।

जो मन बसे हमारे, इच्छित फल दीजै॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

दुखी दारिद्री रोगी संकट मुक्त किए।

बहु धन धान्य भरे घर, सुख सौभाग्य दिए॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

ध्यान धरे जो तेरा वांछित फल पायो।

पूजा कथा श्रवण कर, घर आनन्द आयो॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

चरण गहे की लज्जा रखियो जगदम्बे।

संकट तू ही निवारे, दयामयी अम्बे॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

सन्तोषी माता की आरती जो कोई जन गावे।

रिद्धि सिद्धि सुख सम्पति, जी भर के पावे॥

॥ जय सन्तोषी माता…॥

जय सन्तोषी माता, मैया जय सन्तोषी माता।

अपने सेवक जन की सुख सम्पति दाता॥

Jai Santoshi Mata Aarti in English with meaning:

Jai Santhoshi maa, Maiya Jai Santhoshi Mata,

Apne sevaka jana ki sukha sampathi datha. 1

Triumph to Santhoshi Mata, my mom Santhoshi Mata,

Who favors her aficionados with euphoria and riches.

Sundara cheer sunahari, maan dharana keenho,

Hira paana dhamke, tana shringar leenho. 2

You are sharp-looking goodness mother, with brilliant pieces of clothing,

Furthermore, embellished with sparkling emeralds and precious stones.

Geru Laal chata chavi, badan kamal sohe,

Manda hamsath karunamayi, tribhuvan man mohe. 3

Goodness tolerant mother, the ruddy tinge in your face

Makes it appear as though a lotus bloom,

What’s more, your grin captivates the three universes

Suvarna simhasana baithi, chanvara duare pyare,

Dhuupa dhipa madshu meva mogh dhare nyare. 4

You are situated in a brilliant position of authority,

With a fan fanning you with adoration,

With incense and lights appeared before you,

What’s more, nectar and dry natural products are lying before you.

Gur aur chana paramapriya thamen santhosh kiyo,

Santhoshi kahlaii, bhakthana vaibhava diyo. 5

Jaggery and gram are your top choices,

Which fulfill and satisfy you,

Also, you being a manifestation of bliss,

Would favor your lovers with fortune.

Shukra vara priya manath, aaj divasa sohi,

Bhaktha mandali chahi, katha sunatha mohi. 6

You think about Friday as your most loved day,

What’s more, today additionally happens to be Friday,

What’s more, your fans have gathered here,

With want to hear your story.

Mandira jagamaga jyothi, mangala dwani chaaii,

Vinaya kare there balaka charana sira naaii. 7

Your temple lights are sparkling and shining,

The sound originating from that point is promising

Bhakthi bhavamayee pooja angikrutha kee jai,

Bahu dhana dhanya bhare ghar sukha saubhagya diye. 8

What’s more, your kids are bowing their heads,

What’s more, giving recognition to your feet.

Dhyana dharo tero mana vanchitha phala payo,

Puja katha shravana kara, gara anand aayo. 9

If it’s not too much trouble affirm our love,

Which is finished with dedication,

What’s more, give us a house loaded with,

Grains, riches, joy, and karma.

Sharana gahe kilaja rakhiyo jagadambe,

Sankata thu hee nivare daya mayi ambe.

Sharana gahe kilaja rakhiyo jagadambe,

Sankata thu hee nivare daya mayi ambe. 10

He who reflected upon you,

Got all that he wanted,

If you don’t mind fill our homes with joy,

By doing love and hearing your story,

Goodness mother of the universe,

Respect him who looks for your asylum,

Furthermore, fix him of all his distress,

The gracious mother who is brimming with kindness.

Santhoshi maa ki aarth, jo oijana gavai,

Ridhi sidhi suka sampathi, ji bhar ke pavai. 11

He who sings with commitment,

This aarthi of Santhoshi Mata,

Would get to his souls content,

Success, accomplishment, bliss, and riches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Chant Santoshi Mata Aarti?

It is always preferable that you chant Jai Santoshi Mata aarti only after being freed from your daily morning tasks and post taking a bath. Light a diya in front of Santoshi Mata’s idol or picture. Offer her red flowers along with meetha prasad and then recite the aarti. To get the maximum benefit, you should first understand the meaning of the aarti.

What are the benefits of reciting Jai Santoshi Mata Aarti?

Regular chanting of Jai Santoshi Mata aarti gives your peace of mind, calms your soul, and helps battle the evil. It also offers you health, wealth, and prosperity.

When should you fast to please Santoshi Mata?

Devotees observe Santoshi Mata fast for 16 continuous Fridays. The devotees perform puja of the Santoshi Mata by offering flowers, incense, and roasted chickpeas with raw jaggery.

How to do Santoshi Mata Vrat Udyapan?

After effectively observing the fast for 16 Fridays, devotees must perform a unique custom called Udyapan. This is done by offering food to eight children. Udyapan is also called the closure custom of the Santoshi Mata Vart Katha Puja. Upon the arrival of Udyapan, you need to recite Mata Santoshi’s story and then perform Jai Maa Santoshi Aarti. Finally, distribute the Prasad. Remember that you can’t use and serve any sour food item to kids.

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