3 James Bond watches that made the headlines in the past

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Rolex has become a synonym with the bond franchise. From Sean Connery’s Rolex Submariner to Daniel Craig’s Omega Planet Ocean, James Bond movies always make sure they give enough space to horology on screen. Well, the time of Daniel Craig as James Bond has come to end but the legacy continues as the world is waiting with bated breath on who is gonna be the next bond. Till then let’s honor all the Rolex James Bond watches that has been displayed on the iconic 007’s wrist  

3 James Bond watches that made the headlines in the past

1. Dr. No – Rolex Gruen Precision 510

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 007

Played by Sean Connery in 1962, Bond is seen wearing under-the-shirt cuffs. It is more suitable to wear a tuxedo or nicely tailored suit. The watch was kept in the dark while fans were still figuring out what kind of watch it is until Bond watch researcher Dell Deaton found out that the watch is none other than Gruen Precision 510, 40 years after it first appeared in the movie.

2. From Russia with Love – Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 - James Bond

Another movie with Sean Connery with a new adventure and a new enemy to defeat. He was seen rocking the classic premium Rolex Submariner. At that time Q had yet to convert these watches into a smart ones with weapons in them. This watch was just introduced with just a face dial. Who knew even in the 60s that Rolex would become such an integral part of Bond movies? 

3. Goldfinger – Rolex Submariner (revived)

Rolex Submariner James Bond Watches

In Goldfinger with Sean Connery as bond. A scene when Bond rolls up his tuxedo sleeve to show the legendary submariner in full swing in a leather strap showed a partnership with the brand for once and all. While the bond girl in the movie sported the iconic Rolex GMT Master Reference 6542, a fab aviation watch. 

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