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James Caan, The Former MSU Football Player And Star Of ‘The Godfather,’ Dies At Age 82



James Caan

RIP James Caan! Wednesday night, a beloved former student of Michigan State passed away. James Caan’s family announced his death via his social media accounts.

James Caan
James Caan

Caan played quarterback for the football team while attending Michigan State for two years in the late 1950s. He later changed schools to pursue acting at Hofstra University, though. Caan gained notoriety for his portrayal of Sonny Corleone in the “Godfather” films. At the turn of 82, he died.

Condolences To James Caan

From his Twitter account, the following is what his relatives had to offer about his passing:

Caan’s family announced, “It is with deep sorrow that we notify you of Jimmy’s departure on the night of July 6.” The family requests that you continue to respect their privacy during this trying time. “The family appreciates the outpouring of love and genuine condolences.”


James Caan Explosive Performances

Caan was mainly remembered for his explosive performances as Sonny Corleone in “The Godfather” as well as a dying football player in the brilliant film Brian’s Song (for which he received nominees for an Academy award and an Emmy, respectively). Caan also contributed an eminently worth watching machismo to numerous other movies and television programs.

He played a famous author kept hostage by Kathy Bates in the film Misery. He played a heartbroken Vietnam veteran who was grudgingly manning the War memorial in Gardens of Stone. He portrayed an anti-type role in Elf as the father of the main character and a failed children’s publishing company.

Caan entered Hollywood like a meteor after beginning in theatre and television, making appearances in movies by the best auteurs of the time, such as Francis Ford Coppola (“The Rain People”), Robert Altman (“Countdown”), and Howard Hawks (“El Dorado”). After his early success burst, he experienced a challenging time on both a professional and personal level. Caan repeatedly got married and divorced, got into fights on the set, and openly battled depression and substance abuse.


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