Japanese Man Who’s A Dog Is Now Thinking Of Becoming Panda, Cat or Fox

A Japanese man named Toco is now gaining loads of attention online because of the way he presents himself.

Toco identifies as a dog, not a human.

He got a hyper-realistic makeover to look like a dog. Toco is not just a man in a dog costume; he behaves like a dog too.

Japanese Man Who’s A Dog Thinks Of Becoming A Different Animal

He stays outdoors, plays games, feeds from a bowl, and more.

Toco is a collie but with an actual human heart inside.

He spent 2 million yen to get the costume, equivalent to a whopping 11 lakh in Indian rupees.

“It really is a happy experience to be able to become something other than myself. I get excited and happy being someone other than myself,”

says Toco about his dog costume.

Toco went to Zeppet, a special company in Japan that makes costumes and hyper-realistic objects for films and more.

The company took 40 days to make the dog costume for Toco, and now he wears it.

However, he has mentioned online that even though the costume is complicated to manage, he still loves it.

“I want to try to become other animals. I could realistically become another dog, a panda, or a bear. A fox or a cat would be good, but they’re too small for a human to try… I hope to make my dream of becoming another animal come true someday,”

he said while asked about his daily experience with the costume.

Toco’s costume gets dirty, and dust accumulates when he goes out.

He later mentioned that he’d love to start with a new animal like a dog, panda, or something else.

This comment of his has gained viral attention online. Everyone is now hoping to see Toco in his new avatar.

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