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Jayanti Chauhan, Who is She? Meet Bisleri Owner, Ramesh Chauhan’s Daughter, Who Denied To Take Over Bisleri

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The veteran business tycoon, Bisleri Owner Ramesh Chauhan revealed on Thursday that he is seeking a buyer for his packaged water company “Bisleri International” because his kid, Jayanti Chauhan, isn’t keen on managing the empire. This news sent the business world into a frenzy.

We don’t need to introduce Ramesh Chauhan. He is the brain behind several well-known businesses, including Limca, Gold Spot, Thumbs Up, and others. And the individual who is presently negotiating the sale of the beloved Bisleri brand with several parties, including Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

Due to its history and heritage, Bisleri is widely available and has come to represent “clean drinking water.” The search is on for a new boss who can lead the business to greater heights.

For more than 60 years, Chauhan, who was born in 1940, has sold packaged drinking water. He has also developed several additional companies, promoted them, and subsequently sold them to big international businesses. For instance, Chauhan sold Thumbs Up to Coca-Cola.

But Chauhan is however a family man as well as the father of Jayanti Chauhan, his only child. Typically, it is the family’s offspring who take over the business their father started and run it until the next generation enters and takes over control. In this manner, the business also remains a part of the family.

But when it comes to Bisleri, Jayanti has no desire to take over her father’s position as the company’s new boss.

Journey of Jayanti Chauhan At Bisleri

At the age of 24, Jayanti Chauhan, who went by the moniker JRC, joined her father’s business empire and, with his help, assumed control of the organization’s Delhi headquarters. She worked on several projects there and modernized the factory, automating numerous operations.

Jayanti Chauhan relocated to Bisleri’s Mumbai office in 2011 and assumed leadership of the location. Jayanti works in her father’s business in various capacities, but she also enjoys traveling, dabbling in photography, and being a fervent animal lover. She currently serves as Bisleri’s vice chair.

However, the Tata Group has expressed interest in purchasing Bisleri International because Jayanti Chauhan has not expressed a desire to take over the business.

The 82-year-old pioneer, however, had refuted a claim that a deal for Rs. 7,000 crores had been reached with Tata Consumer Products Ltd. (TCPL). Ramesh Chauhan responded in the affirmative when asked if he was selling his bisleri business.

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