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JetX3 Casino Game – All You Need to Know About the Crash Game

JetX3, a variant of the popular JetX game, is one of the most exciting games at online casinos. The game involves three Jets flying high and offering big rewards each round. 

JetX3 Casino Game

JetX3 is a prominent online casino game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. It is different from the JetX game, as there are three jets in this game. You can place bets on Jet1, Jet2, and Jet3.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to play the JetX3 game: 

  1. In JetX3, you have to place your bet before the round begins. Place bets on Jet 1, Jet 2, or Jet 3, or you can bet on all three Jets.
  2. As the Jets start to fly, withdraw your winnings before the explosion of three Jets. If you bet on all three ships and one of them explodes, you can still win with the other jets.
  3. The winnings from JetX3 are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the multiplier at the cashout time. 

The longer the jet is in the sky, the more earnings you could make.

JetX3 Features

The JetX3 is identical to the popular JetX crash game. Let’s look at some of the exciting aspects of the JetX3 game.

  • Auto Bet: Like the Auto Bet in Aviator game, the automatic bet option is also available on JetX3. The Auto Bet feature enables users to place bets throughout each round automatically. Input the desired betting amount, and the system will proceed to automatically make a wager of the specified amount in every round of the JetX3 game.

  • Auto Collect

    The Auto Collect feature is considered one of the most captivating features of this particular crash game. The exciting feature streamlines the process of cashing out your winnings. You must enter a multiplier value, and the system will automatically withdraw your winnings upon the jet reaching that predetermined multiplier.
  • Live Stats

    The in-game stats help to understand the game and develop a few winning strategies. You can find total bets placed in a round, highest bets, top winnings in each round, etc. Also, multipliers from previous rounds are listed on the game screen, which helps find trends in the JetX3 multipliers. 
  • Chat

    With social interaction high on digital platforms, JetX3 allows you to interact with fellow JetX3 players. You can exchange messages with other users, making the experience fun and engaging.  
  • Demo Mode

    The JetX3 demo mode offers not a sneak peek but a comprehensive understanding of the game. Play the free game to learn the rules and understand the multiplier trends in JetX3.  

JetX3 Tips

To succeed in JetX3, you’ll need thoughtful planning and excellent game knowledge. Here are a few tips that will help you win big in JetX3:

  • Before you place the bets, understand the game rules in detail. 
  • You will have a better understanding of the JetX3 game while playing the demo version of the game.
  • It could be challenging to click Collect at the right moment. But the Auto Collect option makes it simpler. 

Concluding Thoughts

JetX3 has quickly gained popularity among gaming enthusiasts at online casinos. Crash game lovers have found it appealing due to its gameplay, aesthetics, and substantial rewards.

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