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Jharkhand BJP Leader Seema Patra Accused Of Torturing and Holding Domestic Staff Hostage For 8 at House, Suspended from Party

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Yesterday, Ranchi police were able to free a 29-year-old indigenous woman from the home of Seema Patra, the spouse of former IAS officer BB Patra, and a local BJP Ranchi-based leader. The Jharkhand BJP leader allegedly held her hostage within her home for more than 8 years and subjected her to horrific abuse. The victim, Sunita, a domestic helper for Seema Patra, was recognized as being from the Gumla tribe. The woman is undergoing care at the neighborhood hospital after a case was reported. On Twitter, this scenario is trending with lots of hashtags, especially with #arrestseemapatra.

Sunita Reveals About The Inhuman Torture from Seema Patra

Seema Patra

Sunita, the sufferer, has made alarming confessions as she claims that Patra imprisoned her in a small space for years without providing anything either food or drink. She added that Seema had beaten her frequently and had burned her on different areas of the body with hot objects.

Sunita’s condition worsened as a result of her constant beating, and she was left unable to walk, dragging herself across the floor. She stated that in addition to having her front teeth broken by a metal rod, she had been forced to drink urine off the floor. She added that she was frequently saved from her mother and Patra’s son.

How Victim Was Saved

Sunita was let free in front of the district magistrate by DC Rahul Kumar Sinha following Vivek Baski, a representative of the Personnel Department, learned of the purported atrocities committed against her. Additionally, an FIR has been filed at the Agora police office in Ranchi in response to Baski’s allegation citing provisions 374, 346, 325, and 323 of the IPC and portions of the SC-ST Act 1989. After Sunita heals, a spokesperson confirmed that her testimony will be preserved in court under Section 164. According to sources, Seema Patra, a representative of the regional working group of the BJP’s women wing, has been suspended by party.

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