Jiah Khan’s sister revealed shocking, Sajid Khan said to Jiah to Take off her Top

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Director Sajid Khan has faced many allegations in the film industry and due to this, he has had to lose his hands with some films. In 2018, he was accused of sexual harassment by some women and his fire did not cool down, and another charge was leveled against him by Karishma, sister of the late jiah Khan. The first episode of the series ‘Death in Bollywood’ Documentary on Jiah Khan was shown on BBC. In this, Karishma said about Sajid Khan that he had asked Jiah to take off her top.

Jiah did the film ‘Housefull’ with Sajid Khan, which had many big stars including Akshay Kumar. According to Karishma, during the rehearsal of the film, Jiah was reading the script and Sajid told her to take off the top and bra. Jiah could not understand what was happening. Jiah tells her sister that all this is happening even before the film starts.

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Jiah threatened to take legal action if she wanted to leave the film. It was said that she is tied up in the contract and she will be booked, which will tarnish her image. Jiah thought that if she did the film, she would be sexually harassed. Compulsion Jiah did that film. After this disclosure of Karishma, people have targeted Sajid Khan on social media. Most people are shocked after this charge.

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