Former Journalist From Kenya, Kimani Mbugua’s Distressing Video Sparks Public Outcry

A recently posted video by the former journalist, Kimani Mbugua on social media has invaded the entire internet. Previously he was at the Kenya-based Citizen TV.

The video promoted an outcry over his mental health. The duration of the video was two minutes, in which Kimani Mbugua threatened those people who alleged owed him finances.

The former journalist also said that, if required, he would not step back from using gun violence.

Mbugua posted the video on TikTok.

He captioned the video as,

“If you owe me money, better send it now because I have guns to protect my money. Mimi nitakusafirisha mbinguni wacha vitisho baridi.”

Kimani Mbugua’s Professional Segment

Mbugua was formerly a TV star. He is popular for his amazing and crisp news presentations. In his early twenties, he kickstarted his career in the media.

In 2016, Mbugua was at the Nation Media Group as a producer and entertainment news reporter. Notably, he co-hosted shows with Larry Madowo like the Trend.

Later, he advanced to Citizen TV, where he covered news from various segments across distinct regions. In 2020, his career in the media ended and he parted ways from Citizen TV. Later in October 2023, Kimani Mbugua initiated a new program called ‘UnBroken.’

About Kimani Mbugua’s Mental Health

As per TimesNow, in 2020, Kimani Mbugua was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He frequently posted videos asking for financial help and explaining his distressing conditions.

In an incident while broadcasting live on TikTok, Mugua was reportedly robbed.

The former journalist’s back-to-back social media appealed asking for emotional support and financial assistance have prompted calls for rehabilitation and aid.

In the wake of this incident, certain Kenyans, including comedian Oga Obinna, came forward to extend support to him.

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