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WATCH: ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protesters Spray Paints On Private Jets Thinking They Belonged To Taylor Swift

‘Just Stop Oil’ is the newest protest on the internet currently. We’re all well aware of how Taylor Swift has been receiving hate for the past couple of months for accessing her private jets way too much. Taylor Swift has her Eras Tour going on, and for that reason, her travel itinerary has grown way more than usual in recent times.

‘Just Stop Oil’ Protesters Spray Paint Private Jets

As per reports, Taylor herself is accountable for releasing 393 Mt of CO2 into the atmosphere just through her private jets. According to a recent statement, Earth will run out of possible fuel by 2030, and protesters are not happy about it.

So when Taylor’s jet landed at a private airport, two protesters snuck in by cutting the private wire and ended up spray-painting over two private jets that had landed there.

Protesters Jennifer and Cole did so to bring an end to and make people aware of the world’s carbon emissions and fossil fuel rate.

They sent out statements that billionaires can avail whatever they want, however, the lower-class people are living in a way less standard because of these protocols that are being followed these days.

The only problematic outcome behind this protest went a bit haywire, considering Jennifer and Cole spray-painted other jets without knowing they weren’t Taylor Swift’s.

They targeted Taylor’s jet but they entered the jet field hours after Taylor’s plane had taken off.

Currently, Jennifer and Cole are both in custody, as the Stansted Airport spokesman told The Independent, “Shortly after 5 am, Essex Police arrested two protestors who had entered the private aviation area of the airfield.”

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