Justifications why bitcoins qualify to be currencies

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Should be scarce in nature  

The supply of a currency should be limited if it is to maintain its worth in the market. The relevance of a currency is battled when it exists in surplus for instance when coins and notes are made in plenty. This can result into inflation which affects the prices of goods and services in the country. The production of bitcoins is limited and besides controlled by very few entities in the world. It is almost impossible to find bitcoins existing in excess in the economy which makes it an ideal currency to consider in your transactions. The reduced production of bitcoins and other forms of Cryptocurrency make them valuable and they maintain the value for a long time even though they are easily affected by their high volatility nature.

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Divisibility into denominations 

A currency is only as respected as what it can do. The value of a complete currency needs to be able to be divided depending on the uses that one may have for it. An economy counts on a proper currency to have varying values to be able to afford the products and services that exist in the market. It is only the barter trade system which experienced indivisibility of the currency hence disrupting the flow of trade naturally. Bitcoin can be divided into different small values in case you want to handle small expenses for instance paying for meals. It is pointless to have currencies like gold whose value can hardly be divided unless you interfere with the structure of the money physically.

Must have utility

The money or currency being used in a certain region needs to be accepted by people or traders from that particular region. Bitcoins are a form of currency which has utility considering they are now used in very many states today and even businesses across the world. You no longer need to use goods to purchase other goods when you can use digital money to transfer value to the seller in return for their goods and services. A currency is only as successful as the acceptance that people in the region give it and over the past years, use of bitcoins has grown exponentially thereby showing its progress in the world economy today.


When referring to transportability, you should think of the different ways of trade and money exchange between different countries. Your local currency will be of no use to another state which does not recognize it as a currency. You however need to know that banks and government can intervene through facilitating exchange for currencies. If the country you are in does not support the change of the currency then it ceases to be complete currency. Bitcoin revolution is a group of traders who have invested in bitcoins and make profit out of it as well as helping other people also to invest in bitcoins.

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A durable option 

Did you know that physical currencies for instance coins and notes can be destroyed? In fact, recognized financial institutions are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that old and worn-out currencies are destroyed and eliminated from the economy. Bitcoin is a durable option of transaction which you can count on for years to come. The currency is stored online in the wallets you will be given after purchase. It can therefore remain durable for as long as needed because even transactions are done online and no physical handling or mishandling can be recorded. When talking of durability cryptocurrencies are known to be the most durable besides coins form of money today.

Tackle counterfeit practices 

Many types of currencies have suffered from counterfeit measures being involved in the production. This makes common options like notes insecure to use because there can be massive production done illegally and injected into the economy hence resulting in inflation. Bitcoins production is definite and even through the mining process; expect zero involvement of the public in the illegal manufacture of the same. The blockchain system used as a ledger for the same makes it hard for information to be manipulated or even new bitcoins added to the system. These solid currency systems make it a reliable tool against forgery and counterfeit moves that a currency can experience in its production.

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