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Kangana Ranaut believes politics can be a means to serve society




Kangana Ranaut says politics is a way to work for society

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has entered politics and will be contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on a BJP ticket from Himachal Pradesh. The actress shared that she wants to give back to society and feels that politics is the best way to do so. Kangana emphasized that politics is not for gaining publicity or making money but to serve the country.

During a media interaction, Kangana expressed her gratitude towards the people of India and the BJP party. She mentioned that she will work diligently to give back to the people more than what they have blessed her with. Kangana also clarified that she has joined the party as a worker, not as a Bollywood star.

Kangana’s father, Amardeep Ranaut, supported her decision to enter politics and stated that she aims to work for the betterment of society. The family has no animosity towards any political party. The BJP has announced Kangana as its candidate from the Mandi seat and Rajeev Bhardwaj from the Kangra seat in Himachal Pradesh for the upcoming elections.


Kangana’s move into politics comes as a surprise to many but she seems determined to use her platform to make a positive impact on society. Her stance on serving the country and the people, rather than seeking personal gain, sets her apart in the political landscape. It remains to be seen how her entry into politics will shape the upcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh.

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