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Karan Aujla vs Singer Raka Controversy Explained



Karan Aujla vs Singer Raka controversy explained. Read to know more

The feud between Punjabi singers Karan Aujla and Singer Raka is grabbing all the limelight on social media. Both of them have publicly criticized each other for copying singing styles and song lyrics. The dispute between the two has sent shockwaves in the music industry. 

It all started when Karan Aujla compared his singing style with Raka using his nails as a metaphor. His action caused a backlash from fans. Even Singer Raka was hurt by his actions and decided to tell his side of the story by coming live on his Instagram account, where he told his fans that he strongly condemned the action of Karan.

He further added that the composition of his song was not copied. If it is copied, then remove his video from public platforms. During the live session, he mentioned that someone sent a video and told about the public altercation involving him and Karan Aujla. 

Karan Aujla vs Singer Raka takes center stage 

Raka showed his injured legs and hands, expressing his dismay at Karan’s comments. He said-  “You know where I came from, how I worked here, how can you tell my fate, you gave me something. I took something to eat from you, how can you talk about my situation?


The controversy escalated when Raka’s song ‘On My Own’ was removed from the YouTube channel. He showed a screenshot showing that the video song has been removed from YouTube. 

Following this, Karan went live on his account to address the verbal dispute. He mentioned that, at 27 years old, he has witnessed a lot in his life, and it’s difficult for others to comprehend the experiences he’s had in just 13 years. He expressed empathy, noting that when someone speaks hurtful words, they can cause pain. Karan reflected on enduring hardships, such as hunger and homelessness, and pointed out that he has experienced life without parents. Therefore, when someone from India makes a statement, it affects him, and he shared these sentiments in a video posted on the D5 Channel Punjabi News Instagram handle.

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