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11 Rare Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Pictures Where She Looks Stunning!

Kareena Kapoor has always been our Bebo, and she is known for her stunning sense of fashion, In addition to her attractiveness, Kareena has continually set a high bar for the younger generation to aspire to. We therefore immensely respect her public persona. Below are 11 pictures of Kareena Kapoor without makeup.

12 Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Pictures:

1. Yum Yum In Tum Tum

Bebo is well known for being a strong advocate for a balanced diet. She avoids junk food and processed foods and only eats Indian desi food. Her eating habits do in fact reflect her Indian heritage. We see Kareena smiling as she eats a plate of roti and palak stew. While dining at a restaurant, this picture shows Kareena Kapoor being honestly herself, even without any makeup.

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

2. Morning Routine

We were initially amused by this unedited photo because she is merely wearing a straightforward natural lip gloss. Even though she dresses simply, she exudes the essence of a true queen with her free-flowing hair and intense eyes.

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Pics

3. Gym Class Today!

Without a question, the celebrity diva values her personal and family time highly but she also likes to work out! After working out during the day, she took this self-portrait, and despite her exhausted expression, she appears to be completely out of breath.

Kareena Kapoor No Makeup

4. Real-Life Poo

Even without any makeup, Kareena Kapoor is extraordinarily gorgeous and stunning. The literal portrayal of Barbiecore.

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

5. Break Time

This image catches her candid appearance as she tries on numerous appearances for a movie in a salon. She wears a simple outfit, but she emanates a remarkably modern and fashionable feeling.

Kareena Kapoor Movies

6. Manicured

She famously states, “Main apni favorite hoon,” in her renowned film Jab We Met, and this concept really does wonders for her. While waiting for her task to be over, Kareena Kapoor Khan posts a selfie on social media without any makeup.

Kareena Kapoor Makeup Free Looks

7. Halter Look

Kareena Kapoor is soaking up the rays in this very edgy outfit, looking stylish and refreshed.

Kareena Kapoor Images

8. Throwback Thursday

She looks youthful and delightfully chubby, yet the picture still captures the spirit of her beauty and flair. She still has that same enticing grin and passionate, expressive eyes that have stood the test of time.

Kareena Kapoor Throwback Images

9. Bouncy Hair

Kareena Kapoor bravely goes out despite any worries about her freckles or the black circles under her eyes.

Bouncy Hair

10. Airport Runway

Unquestionably, it takes a tremendous level of self-assurance to embrace stardom while also assuming a de-glamorized appearance. And in Kareena Kapoor’s case, we think she emanates that very confidence in spades.

Airport Runway

11. Sling It Up

In this instance, Kareena Kapoor uses kajal exclusively to highlight her eyes and keeps the rest of her face makeup-free.

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