Karka Sankranti Day: History, Meaning, Significance, Celebration and more

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July 2021 is taken into account as a holy month, with a number of important days as per Hindu Mythology falling into one. From Jayaparvati Vrat, Vasudeva Dwadashi, Kamika Ekadashi to Karka Sankranti day, the day has loads of essential days. On July 16, Karka Sankranti day celebration will happen within the nation with loads of gusto and galore amongst devotees of Lord Vishnu. To know more about Karka Sankranti day celebration, historical past, that means, and significance maintain studying forward.

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Karka Sankranti Day That means And Significance 

Karka Sankranti is noticed on the day when the solar experiences a easy transition into the most cancers zodiac. This transition additional leaves an influence of all zodiac solar indicators. Thus, on the day when Solar enters the Most cancers/ Karka Rashi known as the Karka Sankranti. The Karka Sankranti is also referred to as Dakshinayana as the solar enthrals on a journey within the south/Dakshin.

The Karka Sankranti additionally marks the beginning of the wet season as per Hindu Mythology. This 12 months the Completely happy Karka Sankranti day 2021 will likely be noticed on July 16, Thursday. The Dakshinayana stays for a tenure of 4 months and it ends with the Makar Sankranti Celebration. People maintain fasts on the event of Karka Sankranti. 

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Karka Sankranti Day Historical past

As per Karka Sankranti Day Historical past, Lord Vishu is worshipped throughout the nation on at the present time. Devotees donate meals gadgets and garments on the event of  Karka Sankranti which is taken into account extremely propitious in nature. In response to the Karka Sankranti historical past, Lord Surya and different gods go right into a state of deep sleep. Lord Shiva, on different the hand, takes command of the universe as an alternative of Lord Surya in order that he can relaxation.

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Therefore, that is the major motive why Shila Pujan is taken into account extremely auspicious throughout monsoons. Additionally, Pitru darpan, different charity works, and taking tub throughout dawn is extraordinarily essential on the Karka Sankranti Day. Additionally, Shradhs are performed of the deceased by their relations on Karka Sankranti day. It’s believed that throughout Dakshinayana, the Pitru make their technique to divine peace and serenity if Shradhs are carried out by their off-springs of different relations. 

Karka Sankranti Day Celebration 2021

One should stand up early and have a shower earlier than dawn on at the present time. Devotees should worship Lord Vishnu, Surya and Shiva on Karka Sankranti. Carry out pooja, chant Surya Bhagwan mantra for 108 occasions, chant Om Adityaaya Namah, and plant a banyan or peepal tree. Donation of meals, garments can also be a significant a part of the Karka Sankranti day celebration. Fasts are additionally noticed and Sattvuic bhojan is ready for bhog, and consumption.

No matter meals is ready, the primary portion needs to be offered to Pitru, by retaining them within the open. Usually, people go to  Vishnu or Surya temple however this 12 months it’s best to rejoice Karka Sankranti at house as a result of COVID-19 outbreak within the nation. Want your loved ones and buddies Completely happy Karka Sankranti day 2021 by sharing some quotes or needs through digital mediums. 

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Karka Sankranti Date and Time

Begin of Karka Sankranti i.e the Solar will enter Most cancers Zodiac: July 16, 2021, 10:32 am onwards

Solar will stay within the Most cancers Zodiac of Karka Sankranti: August 16, 2021, until  6.56 pm.

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