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Who is Kevelin Gomes, the OnlyFans Model with Whom Yuri Lima Cheated on IZA?

Brazilian singer IZA on Wednesday, 10 July announced her separation from her husband via an Instagram post where she alleged her husband, Yuri Lima, a Brazilian footballer, cheated on her with an adult model identified as Kevelin Gomes.

It is to be noted that IZA is currently 6 months pregnant, which she confirmed in April this year.

IZA in her 6-minute-long video said,

“Ele (Yuri) me traiu. Eu não acredito que estou falando isso. Mantinha conversas com uma pessoa que ele já tinha ficado com ela antes de ficar comigo. Ele nunca parou de falar com ela. Vocês vão conhecer ela porque ela quer muito ser conhecida. Mantinha conversas com ela em altos níveis,” english translation: “He (Yuri) cheated on me. I can’t believe I’m saying this. He was talking to someone he had already been with before he got together with me. He never stopped talking to her. You’re going to meet her because she really wants to be known. He was talking to her at a high level,”

Expressing her disappointment with her partner IZA continued,

“Então eu resolvi vir falar. Falar que eu estou bem, na medida do possível. É muito ruim se decepcionar desse jeito. E também pedir para que vocês respeitem o meu momento mesmo, porque é tudo que vou falar,” english translation: “So I decided to come and talk. To say that I’m fine, as much as possible. It’s really bad to be disappointed like that. And I also ask that you respect my moment, because that’s all I’m going to say,”

The singer also said that she has not spoken to Yuri on this matter so far.

Speaking on how she came to know all this, IZA stated that she was contacted by columnist Leo Dias with a series of evidence of conversations, video calls, nude exchanges, and audios with sexual content.

The singer also stated that the woman with whom the player cheated on her sold prints and photos to the press for R$30 thousand.

IZA and Yuri Lima were in a relationship for almost a year and a half.

Who is Kevelin Gomes?

The model Kevelin Gomes, who is accused of having an affair with Yuri, has over 40 thousand followers on Instagram. As mentioned above, she’s an adult model, Kevelin also has an account on OnlyFans, an adult subscription-based platform.

However, after her name invaded media headlines, the model informed via an Instagram story that she has been receiving death threats in her DMs and her account has been taken down.

“Derrubaram meu perfil com +40K e isso é inaceitável. Meu trabalho e a minha vida se foram em minutos. Eu não mereço isso,” english translation: “They took down my profile with +40K and that is unacceptable. My work and my life were gone in minutes. I don’t deserve this,”

Kevelin wrote in her story.

In a series of other Instagram stories, the model also criticized columnist Léo Dias for exposing her identity.

“Querido Léo Dias, peço que você pare de expor minhas fotos sem a minha permissão, isso é crime e meus advogados já estão notificados. Eu não devo satisfação a ninguém, mas estou aqui, estou recebendo inúmeras mensagem horríveis pro algo que eu não cometi. Quem deve explicações é o Yuri”, criticou. “Parem de derrubar minhas redes sociais, é meu trabalho. Procurem o Yuri, quem era casado e devia respeito a Iza era ele. Me deixem em paz.” english translation: “Dear Léo Dias, I ask that you stop exposing my photos without my permission, this is a crime and my lawyers have already been notified. I don’t owe anyone an explanation, but I’m here, I’m receiving countless horrible messages for something I didn’t do. The one who owes me an explanation is Yuri,” she criticized. “Stop taking down my social media, it’s my job. Look for Yuri, he was the one who was married and owed Iza respect. Leave me alone.”

In her clarification, the adult influencer denied that she asked for money from the columnist in exchange for sharing the private chats, photos, and videos.

She also made some shocking revelations about Yuri Lima, confirming her affair,

“Em meio a tantos julgamentos e ameaças, venho comunicar que em todos os momentos quem me procurava era o próprio Yuri. Além disso, ele me convidou para a viagem no sul e sempre me falava que iria se separar da Iza, e eu sempre acreditei e me deixei levar  na situação” english translation: “In the midst of so many trials and threats, I have come to inform you that the person who was looking for me at all times was Yuri himself. In addition, he invited me to the trip to the south and always told me that he was going to separate from Iza, and I always believed him and let myself be carried away by the situation.”

IZA’s singing career

IZA whose real name is Isabela Cristina Correia de Lima Lima is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and dancer, who rose to fame recording cover songs of artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Sam Smith on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Her debut album, “Dona de Mim,” was released in 2018 and was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album.

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