Kick Streamer Heelmike Runs as Shots Fired During Livestream

Famous Kick streamer Heelmike recently went live on Kick. He was hanging out with TikToker Lily Rosenthall. In the stream, it appeared they were at a bowling alley in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Things took a drastic turn when Mike became suspicious of a group of people standing outside the bowling alley, saying,

“Oh okay, you weren’t kidding, this man has a ski mask on and he’s re-entering the building, oh no,” 

Heelmike, a Kick streamer runs during the live stream 

Soon after, they heard a gunshot and started panicking. In the viral clip, Heelmike can be seen running just like the others to save themselves.

Fast forward 10 minutes, police arrived at the spot and shut down the area. The alleged victim was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The police also escorted Heelmike and Lily Rosenthall, who could finally leave the area by taking an Uber.

According to the Hallandale Beach Police Department, the victim was a 37-year-old man. Currently, he is in a critical state. The investigation is ongoing to find out what exactly happened at the scene.

Lately, there has been a rise in gun shooting crimes across US. Just three days ago, 7 children between the ages of 12 and 17 were injured in a mass shooting that occurred in a shopping mall in downtown Indianapolis.

According to the nonpartisan Gun Violence Archive, the incident in Indianapolis is among the 90 mass shootings that have happened in the US this year so far.

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