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Kick Streamers Heelmike and Zherka Banned From the Platform For Sleeping With A Minor

Heelmike and Zherka, well-known streamers on Kick, have been banned from the live-streaming platform.

This all happened after they both did something illegal both law-wise and platform’s guidelines-wise.

Kick Streamers Heelmike and Zherka Banned

According to recent reports, they were set up with girls, one of them was not of legal age, and that was an illegal move because she was a minor (under the age of 18.)

They posted a picture on their Twitter accounts with the caption “ZERO REGRETS GOODNIGHT!”

However, upon close monitoring and documentary checks, people realized that the girl was not of legal age, and that rang alarm bells online.

As soon as this news was out online, Kick took action and banned the streamers from the platform.

Heelmike and Zherka later posted on their Twitter the driver’s license of the girl to show that she was of legal age and they did not do anything wrong.

Heelmike and Zherka later also claimed in that video that they did not find the girl themselves. They were set up with the girl by their “trusted worker”.

They did not have any idea about the girl’s age.

“She wanted fame so bad that she tried taking us down for it,” Heelmike stated.

However, the plot thickens when people find that the picture of the girl was different and that ID belongs to someone else altogether.

For the time being, Heelmike and Zherka are both blocked from the platform and nothing further has been revealed yet.

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