Know The Benefits and Importance of Malachite Stone

Malachite was first discovered in ancient Egypt and soon earned fame as a semiprecious stone with numerous mystical properties. The stone has been used as a talisman and as artifacts which are kept in home to increase prosperity and positivity. The stone is widely distributed in Earth’s crust and found in different parts of the globe. The stone is found in Russia and Australia. However the best quality stones are found in the forests of Amazon, Congo, Gabon and Namibia.

Malachite stone has a number of material benefits and if a person wears the stone as per astrological advice, it can really change the wearer’s fortunes and bring luck and prosperity to his home. The stone is said to negate the negative influences and brings positivity and luck around it. Keeping the stone at your workplace also brings about huge and tangible benefits to your career. The stone also helps the wearer all the dreams and aspirations he has in his life.

Meaning Of Malachite

Malachite Stone

Malachite stone is a semiprecious stone and is also known as Guardian stone or Kidney stone. The stone is believed to be a stone which precipitates a balance between all the forces in the body. The stone is also known as a stone which helps to achieve dreams and aspirations. The stone fills the wearer with positive energy. It also helps to conduct out the negative energy and fills a person with positive energy. The wearer of the stone can at once see the difference with the world around him changing towards him in a positive way.

The stone is also widely employed for its curative properties. The stone is believed to have a big impact on the heart and neck chakras. Malachite chemical composition is copper carbonate hydroxide and since it is chiefly composed of copper and hence the typical green color. The malachite is also an important ore of copper though the ore is not as beautiful as the Malachite semi precious stone. Malachite stone is translucent though sometimes it also has hue of dark green which forms a typical pattern. The stone also has a white pattern also. No matter the type of stone all are known to enhance positive energy and negate the effects of negative forces.

Benefits Of Wearing Malachite Stone

As already mentioned the stone has a number of medical and health benefits since it affects the heart and the neck chakras. The stone helps to calm and regularize the working of the Heart and helps to regulate the circulation of blood. The stone also helps quicker healing of fractures. The stone also helps in persons who suffer from hypertension and its related manifestations. Malachite stone is overflowing with energy and helps to fill the person with self confidence and an overwhelming desire to achieve one’s dreams and aspirations. The stone also helps the wearer come out of his comfort zone and become an achiever.

Here are some of the benefits which the wearer can accrue by donning Malachite stone-

  • The stone acts as a protection against road accidents
  • The stone protects the wearer against bad influences and evil eye especially in children.
  • The stone acts as armor and protects against all the negative influences and evil forces.
  • The stone helps to regularize periods and helps to alleviate menstrual cramps.
  • The stone is also said to be beneficial in chronic ailments like eczema and other skin aliments
  • The stone affects the neck chakra and hence protects from viral infections affecting the respiratory tract.
  • The stone also helps to prevent infertility.
  • The stone is also recommended in people who are into the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • The stone is also beneficial in persons who are suffering from insomnia and helps to have un-fretful sleep.
  • The stone also helps persons who are suffering from gallbladder and kidney stones.
  • The stone is also beneficial in person who is suffering due to the anomalous position of Mercury.
  • The stone also beneficial in mending strained relations between husband and wife.

Use Of Malachite in Ornaments

Malachite is categorized as a semi-precious stone and is widely used as an ornament. It can be worn on the hand as a bracelet and it looks very beautiful. Wearing the stone embedded in a gold ring is also very beneficial since it touches the skin and all the positivity flows into the body of the person.

Malachite can also be combined with other gems to enhance its potency. One such stone is Lapis Lazuli which when combined with Malachite considerably enhances the potency of the stone. Other stones which can be combined with Malachite includes Tormaline and Hematite stone. Agate can also be combined with malachite to form a formidable protection against evil eyes of adversary.

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