Know These 5 Health Disadvantages of Ignoring Misaligned Teeth

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You know how they say ‘ignorance is bliss’? Well, most of us just apply it to our convenience, right? When there’s too much to deal with, finding an escape seems like the best way out. But when it comes to health, doesn’t the tale switch to ‘prevention is better than cure’?

Let’s take the case of misaligned teeth, an otherwise common problem but differing in severity. If left untreated, misaligned teeth can pose some serious health risks, and you don’t want that to escalate, right folks? Read on to know what all disadvantages one might face due to crooked, misaligned teeth.

Apart from the health disadvantages, there are also other negative impacts on your emotional well-being, which can make you too embarrassed about your smile. But fret not, just like every problem has a solution, this one has a magical one too! Check it out

  1. Tooth Decay

Zigzag, crooked teeth that are misaligned are extremely difficult to clean. If you wish to floss like a boss, a teeth alignment treatment becomes necessary to sweep all that dirt out. Maintaining stellar oral hygiene is extremely important as it can lead to decaying teeth and cavities, which means no chocolates anymore!

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  1. Final Break Down

When misaligned teeth rub against each other, the shield of enamel that protects our teeth wears out faster. This means your teeth are more exposed to a range of dental problems, sensitivity and are susceptible to break down. This results in a lifetime ban on ice-creams and cold shakes that you love, and we sure don’t want that to happen!

  1. Smelly Breath, Smelly Breath!

If Phoebe Buffay were to release a sequel to her legendary song Smelly Cat, Smelly Breath would be it.  Since she believed in spreading awareness, it would be a great way to let others know that one needs to fix misaligned teeth to do away with a smelly breath

Moreover, bad breath can possibly ruin a chance to sweet-talk your crush! Since bacteria grows if the teeth are left unclean, it results in a bad odor coming from your mouth.

  1. Home To Diseases

From various gum disorders, plaque, problems in chewing and digestion to heart problems, misaligned teeth can threaten your overall well-being. The bacteria from your mouth can travel through your bloodstream and affect the working of your vital organs but you don’t need to be alarmed if you opt for a prompt solution such as teeth alignment treatment.

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  1. Emotional Effects

Misaligned teeth can make you doubt your appearance and looks as the jaw looks a bit out of shape, and crooked teeth tend to show out when you smile. This can hamper your confidence and make you self-conscious. 

Troubled at the thought of such health disadvantages? We won’t leave you hanging. What if we told you there’s an easy-peasy solution to all these problems? Yes, you read it right, clear aligners are the way to go!

Clear aligners are removable, convenient, and comfortable transparent braces that can fix the problem of misaligned teeth easily. So, if you’re on the lookout for the cheapest aligners for teeth, clear aligners are your best bet!

To make the most of your clear aligners, choose a trusted smile makeover specialist like toothsi, who offers professional teeth alignment services at your doorstep. Their virtual 3D scan, a customized plan made by a team of experts, at-home teeth whitening kit, and self-impression kit, makes them your go-to brand for everything-teeth. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them today!

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