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Know Why: Hashtags ‘Boycott Netflix’ and ‘Ban Maharaj Film’ Trending on Twitter Ahead of Aamir Khan’s Son Junaid’s Debut

A section of social media is asking for a ban on the period drama ‘Maharaj,’ which also happens to be the debut movie of Amir Khan’s son, Junaid. The film is set to be released on June 16, 2024, on the OTT platform, Netflix. The film has irked many Right-Wing Hindu organizations who allege that the film is based on a controversial subject and portrays Hindu Saints in a very derogatory manner. Netizens have also launched hashtags ‘Boycott Netflix’ and ‘Ban Maharaj Film,’ trending ahead of the debut of Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid. The trend started on X on Thursday morning and continued well into the afternoon ahead of the film’s premiere on June 14.

Amir Khan had also invoked the ire of right-wing Hindu organizations when his film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ was released, and a ‘#BoycottAmirKhan’ was started for making fun of Hindu Gods in his previous film ‘PK.’

As per the information provided by the makers of the film, the story is based upon the famous Maharaj Libel Case of 1862. The case was the fallout of allegations of sexual misconduct by religious leaders of Pushtimarg, a sect also known as Vallabh Sampradaya.

The Maharaj Libel Case of 1862 was a high-profile case and among the first to be heard by the High Court of Mumbai, then Bombay.

The film is being released without any promotions like teasers or trailers. Only a poster, which depicts Junaid as Karsandas Mulji and Ahlawat’s character sporting a ’tilak’ on his forehead, was released.

Twitter Trends ‘Boycott Netflix’ and ‘Ban Maharaj’

The film has evoked extreme reactions on social media:

VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi was one of the many X users who called for a ban on ‘Maharaj.’

“Won’t tolerate the disrespect of Sanatan Dharma. Ban Maharaj Film. #BoycottNetflix,”

Another X user asked, ‘Until when will “Hindu saints” continue to be insulted in films?’

However, some users also questioned the double standards when it comes to movies on Hinduism and Islam:

“Since the film is ‘Maharaj’… it’s on your gods and goddesses and religion, you are calling for a boycott. When it’s about the other community, there is an attempt to sell as much hate as possible through films,”

Movies such as “72 Hoorain” and “Hamare Barah,” which have depicted a negative image of Islam, have also stoked controversy with the release of the latter directed by Annu Kapoor by the Supreme Court.

In a press release issued by Netflix, it said:

“It all came to a head in the Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, which was ignited by allegations of misconduct by a prominent figure. The case garnered widespread attention and scrutiny, setting the stage for what many consider to be one of the most significant legal battles of all time.” 

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