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Know why Union Home Ministry is worried about Jammu and Kashmir

The NIA presented a charge sheet in this case last week. In which it is stated that accused Naveed Mushtaq Shah alias Naveen Babu was a former soldier of Jammu and Kashmir Police and had set up a camp of arms and ammunition in Budgam ...

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The Union Home Ministry is concerned about Jammu and Kashmir. The odds of crushing terrorism and restoring normalcy in the valley have been won to a great extent, but still there are some challenges. If the winning bet is to be retained then the Home Ministry will have to take many more steps.

Anil Gupta, a retired brigadier from the Indian Army and an expert on Jammu and Kashmir affairs, says terrorist organizations are trying to raise their heads again. The sleeper cells of the terrorists living among the common people have become a big challenge for the security forces and the investigating agencies. Since these people have been in normal life for a long time, no one is suspicious of them.

There are many people in Jammu and Kashmir who are in private or government jobs, but their distance from terrorist organizations has not been lost yet. There is a need for greater scrutiny especially in the forest department, police, revenue, education and transport etc.

During the year 2019, an attempt was made by the terrorists to attack the CRPF convoy in Banihal using a explosive-laden centro car. The investigation of the case was submitted to the NIA. The NIA presented a charge sheet in this case last week. It has been revealed that accused Naveed Mushtaq Shah alias Naveen Babu was a former soldier of Jammu and Kashmir Police. In 2017, when he was posted as a guard in FCI, he set up a camp of arms and ammunition in Budgam. After joining the police, he joined the militant group Hizbul Mujahideen.

Former DSP Devendra Singh was caught with the terrorists …

According to former Brigadier Anil Gupta, there are many such examples. Helpers of terrorists are sitting in many departments. On the second anniversary of the Pulwama attack, a terrorist, including a six and a half kg IED was caught in Jammu. He planned to explode at several places in Jammu. During interrogation, it is learned that he was about to carry out the conspiracy to attack at the behest of Pakistan-based terrorist organization Al Badr.

As Anil Gupta, security forces and investigative agencies will now have to drive out those who are working for terrorists by becoming ordinary citizens. However, Jammu and Kashmir and central security agencies are keeping an eye on such people. The remaining separatist organizations are encouraging such people. Now 4G service has started in all places in Jammu and Kashmir. In such a situation, the investigating agencies have to take care of where and from whom the people are talking across the border. The route of financial assistance will also have to be taken care of.

According to a Home Ministry official, Pakistani ISI provides financial assistance to terrorist organizations Lashkar, Jaish and Hizbul Mujahideen. These organizations have a good number of sleeper cells in the valley. So now that the back of terrorism in the valley has been broken to a great extent, the neighboring country and its terrorist organizations have been troubled. The matter of providing financial assistance through Dubai and Turkey has come up.

Organizations like the Jamaat-e-Islami are now planning to start recruiting terrorists anew. In this regard, according to Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh, the police and security forces are moving ahead with the sleeper cell. All the terrorists left in the valley will be eradicated very soon. Many new terrorist organizations are trying to step foot. They are doing Reiki up to the NSA in Delhi. The Jammu and Kashmir Police is conscious about all these things.

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