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Kolkata FF Fatafat Results For Today 09.11.2023 LIVE UPDATES



Kolkata FF Fatafat Results For Today 09.11.2023 Is Live Here , Stay Connected For Timely Updates


Round 1 – 457|6

Round 2 – 490|3

Round 3 -368|7


Round 4 – 690|5

Round 5 – 168|5

Round 6 – 689|3


Round 7 – 588|1

Round 8 – Wait… Nov 09, 2023, 09:03 PM IST

Hi everyone, here we’ll update you with Kolkata FF Fatafat Results for 09 November 2023. So stay tuned. Nov 09, 2023, 10:24 AM IST

Kolkata FF Fatafat Results For Today 09.11.2023 LIVE UPDATES

Kolkata FF Fatafat can be described as an instant lottery game which first came into existence in 1995. It was prevalent earlier also by the name of Mini. Kolkata FF can only be played by the residents of Kolkata and has enamored the citizens of City of Joy which was the name given to the city by the famous French author Dominique Lapierre.


Kolkata FF is very popular among the residents of the city and since the draws are held almost on an hourly basis, the players can know the outcome of their endeavors. The game process is very simple and the player has to guess a pair of numbers from 1 to 9 and if his intuitions are correct, he can earn handsome returns which are many times the money he has invested.

Kolkata FF draws are organized eight times daily and the person can participate in all the eight draws, daily from Monday to Saturday. However, on Sundays, only four draws are held. The game can be played both offline and online mode and it is up to the player which mode he prefers. However, for the online mode, the player will have to download an application.

The game is much similar to the traditional Satta or Matka but here Kolkata FF is completely legal and has the blessings of the Government of West Bengal. The game is based on luck and if anyone says that he can predict that day’s numbers, he is bluffing and one must not fall in his trap.


Also, play responsibly within your financial capacity and only play it for the entertainment and fun it offers. If it’s your lucky day you might hit the jackpot but that is a secondary matter. Gambling has been prevalent in our society for ages and was played only as a means of fun and entertainment.

Set an amount that you can easily spend on lotteries and never exceed that amount. Play responsibly and never exceed the amount you have set under any circumstances. Reckless gambling can be catastrophic and can affect the happiness and stability of your family and dear ones.

Disclaimer: – Engaging in lotteries can be addictive; participate responsibly. Information here is purely informational, not advice or endorsement by Stay updated on Kolkata FF Fatafat Result 2023.


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