Konvy’s Aunt Ashley Onlyfans Video Becomes Talk of The Town

Konvy, popular Kick streamer, faces distress as explicit content of aunt leaked from OnlyFans during live stream. Shocking revelation sparks strong reaction.

Konvy is a well-known streamer on Kick. His aunt, Ashley also joins him in most of his live streams and videos. However if the fact is a little unknown, Ashley is also an OnlyFans model. On OnlyFans creators make easy money online by selling their subscribers their explicit, uncensored images and content.

There have been many instances where Ashley was on a live stream with Konvy and the chatroom was filled with inappropriate sexual comments about her. Adin Ross who happened to be a Kick user tried to flash her as well. Though Ashley doesn’t take any of their repartees personally and Konvy is well aware of what she does online, they don’t pay much heed to it.

Konvy’s Aunt Ashley Onlyfans

However, the users and audiences, always use her OnlyFans account to pick at her and joke about in Konvy’s live stream. In one such live stream where Konvy was going through the meme submission his fans made on Discord stumbled across a video.

The video had its title, ‘Jake lands in Miami for SSB 24 hour’ which immediately got him excited as he and Jake are close. While checking out the video he said, ‘Yo my n*gga Jake got private escorts? Okay, Jake.’ Little did he know, he was about to see a video of his aunty, Ashley having sexual moments with someone while an EDM track was playing in the background, the video of hers was taken and leaked from her OnlyFan platform.

He wasn’t too happy seeing the video and closed down Discord right then. He also mentioned how inappropriate this kind of behavior is. He later added, ‘Yo that’s not what I’m talking about, my n*gga. Not gonna lie, that sh*t not even funny,’ and he threatened that if he ever gets to know whos behind this, he would ‘beat the f*ck out of him.’

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