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Kramer opens its new R&D centre in Noida, India

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Recently, Kramer opened an R&D (research and development) centre based in Noida, India. This will be an additional factor in their global expansion along with a strategic investment in the field of software as well as product solutions. 

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The Noida-based centre will be an added feather in the cap of its global R&D organisation. Currently, they have offices in Canada and Israel. The company has invested in 1,000m2 offices consisting sales centre, R&D lab, and advanced meeting and collaboration spaces making it one of its kind state-of-the-art. 

The lab will work on the development of various applications along with finding software solutions in the field of UCC space. A new field where Kramer sees huge growth as per its global customer base. This is so because it will have hybrid models that will need secure audio, high quality as well as visual collaboration solutions. They will also be hiring local employees for their software development positions. 

Gilad Yron, CEO at Kramer, said during the press meeting, “We invest a double-digit percentage of revenue every year in innovation. As part of our goal to build strong R&D capabilities around the world, India offers a huge opportunity in terms of talent and extending our geographical reach. We’re excited about the potential our Noida R&D centre brings to expand our offering in the UCC space as well as other software-centric products. Reducing the distance between our customers and product development is an important pillar of our strategy which can be seen in every R&D centre we have. The Noida R&D centre follows the same direction.”

Dorit Bitter, VP of R&D at Kramer, said, “The ‘physi-digi’ world we live in requires innovative solutions that drive productivity and collaboration, both virtually and in person. Kramer’s vision is to meet this demand by creating technology that powers the world’s most intuitive end-to-end audio-visual experiences. Developing software applications, particularly to support the UCC sector, is a top priority, and we’re confident that our new R&D centre in Noida, India will help us to remain a leader in this field.” 

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