Kristen Stewart and her fiancée Dylan Meyer have frozen their eggs.

LOS ANGELES, MARCH 28 (IANS) – Actress Kristen Stewart and her fiancee Dylan Meyer are considering options for having children in the future and have frozen their eggs for the same. The couple, who got engaged in 2021, are taking things at a relaxed pace with no immediate plans for marriage.

In a recent podcast interview, Stewart mentioned, “We’ve done really annoying things like freeze our eggs and stuff. So if we want to, we can.” The couple, known for their laid-back approach, have not rushed into wedding planning despite their engagement.

Stewart revealed, “We’re both, like, really casual people, and so we did this sweeping, traditional thing where we were like, ‘Marry me! You marry me!'” The couple’s wedding plans remain loose, reflecting their easygoing nature and lack of urgency towards a formal ceremony.

Prior to walking down the aisle, Stewart has her eyes set on directing a movie titled ‘The Chronology of Water’. She explained, “I’m directing a movie soon, and so I have to do that before we get married. Because we have to send invites out and give people time to get ready for that.”

The couple’s decision to freeze their eggs showcases a proactive approach towards family planning, while their relaxed attitude towards marriage reflects their non-traditional mindset. With Stewart’s directorial venture on the horizon, their wedding plans may take a backseat for the time being.


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