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KSHMR reveals new single ‘Aawara’ with King and Zaeden

American DJ and producer KSHMR released his new single ‘Aawara’ featuring rapper King and singer-songwriter Zaeden on Friday. The dreamy track explores themes of love, friendship, self-discovery, and personal transformation. KSHMR, Zaeden, and King collaborated to create a musically rich experience that transcends genres and geographies.

KSHMR mentioned, “After meeting King and playing him the track, it seemed only right that we do this one together.” The trio seamlessly infused emotional depth and sonic diversity into the song, offering a captivating narrative of love at first sight and the exhilarating rush of falling in love.

King expressed, “Collaborating with KSHMR and Zaeden has been such a fun and fulfilling experience, merging our musical visions to create something truly unforgettable.” Zaeden added, “It’s one of those songs where the ideas flowed naturally, without overthinking.”

The track, ‘Aawara,’ was well-received at a festival in Mumbai last year, with the crowd singing along by the second chorus. The collaborative effort between Dharma Worldwide, Mass Appeal India, Represent, and Bluprint showcases the power of music to unite and create a blend of different sounds for a unique musical experience.


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