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‘New Indian Nostradamus’ Kushal Kumar Predicts World War 3 Just Round The Corner

Astrologer Kushal Kumar, often referred to as the Present Age Nostradamus, has everyone worried with his prediction of World War Three. Analyzing planetary alignment, the world-renowned astrologer has predicted that the cataclysmic WWIII will start on June 18, 2024. His prophecy has triggered alarms and heated debates, emphasizing the need for dialogue instead of war in all the conflict zones around the world.

Indian astrologer Kushal Kumar’s predictions are sure to ring alarm bells across the globe because a number of conflicts are raging around the world. The Israeli-Hamas war is still raging in Gaza, and the possibility of the war spreading to neighboring countries is increasing.

The Hezbollah based in Lebanon is also attacking Israel, Iran has launched more than 300 missiles at Israel, and its ally, the Houthis, is attacking maritime ships in the Red Sea. Finally, the war in Ukraine is not ending soon.

Also, Russia has placed its nuclear submarines close to the US borders in Cuba for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

China’s war drills near Taiwan have added to the sense of unease. All these factors make Kumar’s prediction a distinct possibility.

Among the many reasons which Kumar gave for his predictions also include increased terror attacks along the India-Pakistan border, and also North Korean soldiers crossing into South Korea.

Kumar stated to a media house:

“NOW, Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3.”

Kumar added, “It may take into its fold some or most countries mentioned in the list. The sea will be the center of operations mostly while some operations or places lesser in the estimates or reckoning may grow operative in use. Some persons charged with authority to govern in some countries may find it tough to cope with the major worrisome emerging scenario. Some are likely to be seriously unwell or may even resign. Upheavals in the political scene cannot be ruled out. In short, where vulnerable, the contemporary planetary movements suggest that the army may step in to take overall control.”

However, Kumar had previously predicted June 10 as the date when WWIII would begin, which came to nothing. However, he stated that the planetary confluence on June 18 could precipitate a WWIII. He also said that another dangerous planetary confluence would occur on June 29.

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Manoj Nair

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