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Labor Day 2022: Know Why Labor Day Is Celebrated On May 1

Labor Day is celebrated as International Labor Day or May Day in many countries of the world. May Day is celebrated on May 1 in honor of the trials and tribulations faced by the working class. The day is an occasion to salute the achievements of the working class whose toil and hard work contribute to the welfare and the prosperity of the nation. The day is a national holiday in many nations including India. Labor organizations and trade unions organize big rallies and meetings to highlight the rights and the hardships faced by the working class.

Labor Day Movement Was Started In The US

Labor Day started as a movement in America on May 1, 1886. The movement was started to fix the working hours of the laborers. The workers in the US faced a lot of exploitation which included long working hours, and no welfare benefits like weekly off and medical benefits. The workers were demanding 8 hours working and welfare measures. However, the factory owners were not willing to relent.

Police used excessive force to crush the movement. Many workers were killed in police firing. Workers soaked a cloth with the blood of the slain workers and thus the Red flag became the flag of the working class.

A second meeting was organized under the auspices of the International Socialist Conference in 1889. A resolution was passed in which it was declared that May 1 will be designated as International Workers’ Day and this day would be a holiday for all workers. With this, the foundation was laid to fix 8 hours for work in all the countries of the world including India.

Labor Day In India

The Labor Day movement started in Chennai on May 1, 1923. The movement was started by the Kisan Party of India and the traditional Red flag was first hoisted as a flag representing the working class. The labor movement in India was pioneered by the Leftist and Socialist parties in India and to date, most labor trade unions are under the control of the left and socialist parties like the CPI (M), CPI, and RSP.

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