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LaMelo Ball Reveals His New Back Tattoo, Fans and Netizens Remain Unimpressed

Tattoos are something that is based on completely personal choice and the design that you want.

Sometimes tattoos can hold significant emotional value in one’s life, while they can also be random doodles that a person scribbles on their body just for the fun of it.

LaMelo Ball Reveals His New Back Tattoo

LaMelo Ball, who is a well-known player from the basketball team Charlotte Hornets, got a tattoo on his back and recently revealed it to his fans online.

The tattoo has caught attention, but not in a good way.

It is rather bizarre according to people, and netizens online are not happy at all.

Accooring to Netizens Online, the design is very alienating, quite literally, it has spaceships with veins in it.

The choice of the font used is so questionable that it makes the word written look like ‘Dare One’ or ‘Dade One’ instead of what it was planned to look like, ‘Rare’.

The color combination used fades and overpowers the other elements added to the tattoo as well.

Netizens online have commented that Ball should have consulted other NBA players or the veterans to get inspiration from them for a ‘cool tattoo’ because the one he got now has made people think that maybe Ball is a firm believer in aliens.

It has a tiny spaceship and the huge face of an alien, which makes the tattoo even more concerning to people as, according to netizens online, it is the worst design they’ve seen.

The tattoo that Ball got is now the center of attention for people making jokes about it.

Even though the tattoo might seem funny to others, it might just be something very significant or something that seemed cool to Ball.

He has not replied or added any statement about his tattoo lately on his social media, but fans online are going wild over his questionable choice in design.

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