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Larry Connor Net Worth 2024: How Much is the American Businessperson Worth?

Who is Larry Connor?

Larry Connor is no ordinary real estate mogul. Imagine if Indiana Jones swapped his fedora for a hard hat and traded in treasure maps for real estate blueprints. Born on January 7, 1950, in New York, Larry is a 74-year-old adventurer with a penchant for diving deep into the ocean and soaring high into space, all while managing a multi-billion dollar business empire. From the depths of the Mariana Trench to the heights of the International Space Station, Larry’s escapades are as diverse as his investment portfolio.

Larry Connor’s Career

Larry Connor’s career reads like a real-life episode of “Billions” meets “Star Trek.” He founded The Connor Group in 1991 with two partners. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill real estate company; it was a venture that would grow to control a $5 billion portfolio of luxury apartment buildings across the United States. By 2003, Larry had bought out his partners, ensuring he was the captain of this high-flying ship.

The Connor Group has a knack for buying properties, holding onto them for about five and a half years, and then flipping them for a handsome profit. This strategy has yielded an annual rate of return of 30.4% since 1995—better than a Vegas casino but without flashy lights and cocktail waitresses.

But Larry’s life isn’t all business. He’s also a certified private astronaut and an explorer who’s been to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth, and plans to dive to the Titanic wreck site in a $20 million submersible. Because, why not?

Larry Connor’s Net Worth

As of May 2024, Larry Connor’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $2 billion. This isn’t Monopoly money; it’s the real deal, built from smart investments, strategic real estate dealings, and perhaps a sprinkle of adventurous spirit. His real estate portfolio alone is worth $5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the country. If you’re wondering how many zeros that is, it’s enough to make a calculator sweat.

Larry Connor’s Age

Born on January 7, 1950, Larry Connor is 74 years old. While many people his age might be content with retirement and a quiet life, Larry seems to have missed that memo. Instead, he’s busy planning deep-sea dives and space missions. Who needs a rocking chair when you can have a rocket instead?

Larry Connor Family: Wife and Children

Larry Connor is a bit of a private person regarding his family. While the details about his wife and children aren’t plastered all over social media, it’s safe to say that they probably enjoy the perks of his success. Private jets, luxury vacations, and perhaps a front-row seat to his many adventures—life as a Connor family member surely has its advantages.

Larry Connor Height and Weight

Larry Connor stands at an average height and maintains a healthy weight, which is crucial when diving into the ocean’s abyss or floating in zero gravity. While specific numbers aren’t readily available, it’s clear that he’s in good shape, both physically and financially.

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