Lawsuit Slapped Against Chicago-Area Teacher And High School For Childhood Sexual Abuse

A lawsuit has been filed in the Cook County, Illinois against a Bloom Trail High School teacher who has been indicted of childhood sexual abuse of a former student in the early 2000’s

The lawsuit was filed by a former student at Bloom Trail High School, which is a public high school in a south suburb of Chicago and it accused against a teacher at the high school, as well as the school and school district, for childhood sexual abuse. The incident dates back to the early-2000’s. The case is pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County

The former student who is only designated as Jane Doe to keep the name anonymous filed the lawsuit against the teacher. The lawsuit detailed that Doe was only sixteen and beginning her sophomore year when she was groomed by Ronald (“Ron”) Giglio, a teacher at Bloom Trail High School. Mr. Giglio tried to draw her attention by chatting with her via AOL or text messages every night. This conversation soon transitioned into private interactions with her in the school gym after school or in his locked classroom after school. Soon Giglio started inappropriate behavior and would kiss, touch, and otherwise sexually abuse the plaintiff.

The lawsuit alleged that Giglio did not stop there and when the plaintiff was in junior year at Bloom Trail High School and when she was seventeen years old, Mr. Giglio began having sexual intercourse with the plaintiff. Giglio had sexual intercourse at different locations on and off school premises, including during a school-sponsored “mentorship” program in which Mr. Giglio was assigned to serve as the plaintiff’s mentor.

The lawsuit alleged that Giglio sexually abused the plaintiff multiple times and in different locations. The lawsuit also highlighted the fact that the plaintiff in her junior and senior year was a minor – under the age of eighteen and therefore unable to consent to such conduct.

The lawsuit also alleged that the teachers and the seniors at Bloom Trail High School were aware of the inappropriate sexual relationship involving Giglio and the plaintiff, a student at the school. However the staff did nothing to protect the plaintiff. Even after the filing of the lawsuit, Ron Giglio remains a member of the teaching faculty at Bloom Trail High School

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