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Laxmi Singh, UP’s first woman commissioner who took charge as Noida police chief, lists challenges ahead

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Laxmi Singh, Uttar Pradesh’s first woman commissioner as a Noida police chief has taken charge yesterday. She will be working from the Commissionerate Headquarters situated at Sector 108 in Noida. 

Laxmi Singh from the 2000 IPS officer batch took over the last Police chief Alok Singh who is now working at Police HQ in Lucknow.

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During her first Press meeting as Noida Police chief, she stated- a new challenge that she will be tackling. She mentioned issues such as security as well as safety concerns of women will be her top priority along with the well-being and safety of every resident in the area will be the main concern of the police.  Singh said, “If any small or big incident happened, and police cannot help after reaching out, then we are failing as a system.”

She also mentioned yet another problem police face while working in Noida is that as a metropolitan centre its borders touch with Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Plus, all the work the police authority has done in the past three years will be taken forward. 

Another issue that she talked about is maintaining the police chowkis around the area. There are some areas in Noida that would require 24-hour operation along with fully equipped backup support and proper accommodation. 

There was one query regarding the rising cases of suicides in the city to which she responded that a proper helpline would be maintained in cases people need support. She stated last two years were very difficult for people from different walks of life. The pandemic has affected everyone, many people have lost jobs making their life miserable with no options available. Now thing getting back on track, hoping things would take turn in a better way. 

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