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Le Petit Chef and Friends Blend Culinary Theatre with Exceptional Flavors




Le Petit Chef and Friends combine culinary theatre with full marks for taste

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) Belgian artists Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck’s creation Le Petit Chef, a 3D mapping experience on a plate, has gained worldwide fame since its launch in 2015. The immersive visual dining experience is now available in New Delhi at Shangri-la by Eros, starting March 22.

The concept of Le Petit Chef involves a 6 cm tall animated chef preparing dishes in a captivating manner before the real chefs serve them. This unique experience combines food with animation, creating a 3D film-like presentation on each diner’s plate. The show features four mini chefs from around the world engaging in a captivating culinary competition.

Delhi diners can look forward to a multi-sensory experience as they savor dishes like Haas Asparagus and Chicken Mortadella, Liquid Parmigiano Reggiano with black truffle pate, Braised Lamb Rump, and Green Tea Cake with Citrus Cremeux. The theatrical presentation of the dishes adds an extra element of excitement to the dining experience at Shangri-la.


Despite the dramatic presentation, the culinary creations from the chefs at Shangri-la maintain high standards, ensuring that the taste matches the visual spectacle on the table. This fusion of art and gastronomy promises to offer a memorable dining experience for guests at the hotel, setting a new benchmark in kitchen theatre.

The introduction of Le Petit Chef and Friends at Shangri-la by Eros in New Delhi marks a significant milestone in the culinary scene, bringing together technology, art, and gourmet cuisine in an unforgettable dining experience for patrons. The show is set to captivate diners with its unique blend of animation and gastronomy, setting a new trend in immersive dining experiences.


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