Leif Erikson Day 2021: Its History, Meaning, Celebration, and what’s its connection with Spongebob

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Annually, October 9 is celebrated as Leif Erikson Day in the United States. The day honours Leif Erikson, who was a Norse explorer from Iceland and believed by some people as the first European to set foot in the North American Continent, even before Christopher Columbus, who is said to be the discover of America. As per historical pieces of evidence, he set his foot on the land of North America in 1000 A.D., while Columbus discovered the USA in 1492. The theory first came into the limelight through a book titled “America Not Discovered by Columbus” by American author, professor, editor, businessman and diplomat, Rasmus B. Anderson. You must have heard words – (Vikings/Norse/Norseman). As per Anderson’s book, Vikings or Norse, or Norseman were the first Europeans in the world, and they came from Scandinavia, what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden, between the 8th and 11th centuries.

His theory also says that – Vikings were the first European to visit America. Let us tell you, considering his historical pieces of evidence, that time president Calvin Coolidge, recognized Leif Erikson as the discover of America.

Leif Erikson Day History

Let us tell you, Leif Erikson Day is a national holiday in the 7 states of the United States and 1 state of Canada. You must have a question in your mind, why 09 October as Leif Erikson Day? why not any other day? The date is not related to Leif Erikson in any way, birth, death or any other thing. Let us tell you, actually, as Leif Erikson belonged to Norway, and from October 9, 1825, immigration from Norway to America started as on the same day, a ship Restauration visit New York Harbor from Stavanger, Norway.

According to Wikipedia, The first Leif Erikson Day was observed in 1936 or 37, And by 1956 it become a official holiday in the 7-states of US and 1 State of Canada.

Celebration and Activities

People in USA and Canada, celebrate this day in different-different ways like – surfing, mountain climbing, Underwater diving, etc. While on this day, some people enjoys Norwegian dishes.

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What’s its connection with Spongebob

When you were typing “Leif Erikson Day” on Google, “Leif Erikson Day Spongebob” will be the uppermost suggestion to you from google, and that time, you must being thinking of it. Let us tell you, what’s the connection of Spongebob with Leif Erikson Day?

Actually, SpongeBob is a 1990s famous cartoon character. He lives in a pineapple in the Bikini Bottom, with his pet snail Gary. As per cartoon’s story, Leif Erikson Day is spongebob’s favourite holiday. There is a special episode for Leif Erikson Day.

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