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Let’s Grow! 7 Benefits Of Planting Trees In Your Yard

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Do you know how to make your property look better and help the environment at the same time? Plant trees! Aside from collecting lots of plants, especially during this pandemic, trees are also a fun investment.

Although it takes time before they grow fully, it’s all worth it. In addition, you can also get a lot of benefits from planting trees. If you’re not familiar with the process of planting them, you can contact your local arborist to take care of the planning and planting.

If you want to know what are the other benefits of having trees in your yard, then you should check the list below!

1. Help the environment

Want to improve the environment simply? Then planting trees is also a way to improve the environment that doesn’t need extensive effort compared to other ways. Specifically, trees reduce the carbon footprint so planting them will make you less guilty of using non-environment friendly equipment.

Don’t worry about the number of trees, just having two or three in your front yard will be a huge help.

2. Filter the air

Aside from helping the environment, trees can also help in cleaning the air that humans and animals breathe.

Did you know that a tree can absorb around a ton of carbon dioxide within 40 years of its existence? And not just carbon dioxide, other harmful chemicals, and odours are also absorbed by their bark and leaves.

3. Add shade

When the sun is shining so bright, or the rain pours so hard, the trees are there to protect people from heat and being drenched. Aside from helping humans? They’re also there to take care of animals when they need a home.

In addition, during typhoons trees can prevent the harsh wind from reaching your house, and breaking your windows and roof. However, if there are old or dying trees, you’ll be going to need to ask for help from an arborist because they surely know what they need to do.

4. Safer surroundings

In terms of protecting the surroundings, trees are also there to help to absorb floods and prevent soil erosion. The root system of trees helps protect everyone from the harmful effects of different weather conditions except the times when they’re sick or dead.

For small areas like a standard yard, you only get the chance to plant a maximum of five trees. However, if all yards have at least two trees, then it’ll be a huge help to avoid damages in certain weather conditions.

5. Healthier plants

Did you know that having trees around also helps in having healthier plants? Since they’re taller and bigger, their leaves can protect smaller plants from direct exposure to the sun. In addition, they can also avoid being damaged when it’s raining.

However, you should contact an arborist to maintain the trees around you to avoid the trouble of damaging other plants when their branches fell off.

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6. Save money

During the Dummer season, the temperature of the surroundings can increase that you’ll need to use an air conditioning system to feel more comfortable. Fortunately, you can rely on trees during this time of the year because they can lessen the heat by about 10° Fahrenheit so you won’t need to feel the need to spend too much on your electricity.

So before you purchase an air conditioner, you should first invest in planting trees to help you when the weather is hot. Don’t worry about the hassle of planting them by yourself because you can just contact a local arborist to help you with tree planting.

7. Increase property value

Yes, you read it right. Trees can increase the value of your property. Aside from environmental benefits, having trees in your property can increase its value by 15-20%.

Studies also show that having trees allows people to feel safe and at home. In addition, your place will also look better than before with the help of trees and other plants.

Now that you know the great benefits of having trees on your property, you should consider planting more! You can start your tree-planting project by searching for the best arborist in your area. After that, all you’ll need to do is wait for your trees to grow. Let us know what are your favourite trees in your yard by leaving a comment below!

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