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Lexi Thompson Net Worth 2024: How Much is the American Professional Golfer Worth?

Who is Lexi Thompson?

Meet Lexi Thompson, an extraordinary talent in the world of golf and one of the sport’s most captivating figures. Lexi, or Alexis Noel Thompson if you’re being formal, is an American professional golfer who has captivated millions with her prowess on the greens. Born on February 10, 1995, in Coral Springs, Florida, this young prodigy has been swinging clubs and shattering records since she was knee-high to a golf tee. At just 29 years old, she has a career that’s already the stuff of legends.

Lexi Thompson Career

Lexi’s career started with a bang, or rather, a perfectly executed swing. She qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open at the tender age of 12, setting the stage for a career filled with firsts and records. Turning professional at 15, Lexi became the youngest winner of an LPGA tournament at 16 years, seven months, and eight days old. Not content to rest on her laurels, she went on to win the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2014, her first major championship.

Her list of accolades includes numerous LPGA Tour wins, a triumph at the Dubai Ladies Masters, and impressive finishes in major championships. With sponsorships from Nike and Rolex, Lexi’s career is not just a testament to her talent but also to her marketability and charm.

Lexi Thompson’s Net Worth

So, just how much is this golf dynamo worth? As of 2024, Lexi Thompson’s net worth is estimated at a cool $7 million. This impressive fortune comes from her tournament winnings, lucrative sponsorship deals, and various endorsements. From Red Bull to Cobra-PUMA Golf, Lexi’s brand partners are as elite as her golfing skills. With every tournament she plays, her net worth continues to climb, much like her drives down the fairway.

Lexi Thompson Age

At 29 years old, Lexi Thompson is in the prime of her career. Born on February 10, 1995, she has packed more achievements into her years than many manage in a lifetime. Her journey from a golfing prodigy to a seasoned professional has been nothing short of spectacular, with each passing year only adding to her legend.

Lexi Thompson Family: Parents

Behind every successful golfer is a supportive family, and Lexi Thompson’s family is no exception. Her parents, Judy and Scott Thompson, have been her biggest cheerleaders. Scott, a former golfer himself, introduced Lexi to the sport and has been a constant presence at her tournaments, often caddying for her. Judy, who has battled and beaten cancer twice, has been a source of strength and inspiration for Lexi. Their unwavering support has been crucial in Lexi’s rise to the top of the golfing world.

Lexi Thompson Height and Weight

Lexi Thompson stands tall at an impressive height of 1.83 meters (6 feet), and weighs in at 72 kg (about 159 pounds). Her athletic build and physical prowess are as striking as her golfing talent. On the course, she combines strength and finesse, driving the ball with power while maintaining a grace that makes her a joy to watch.

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