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Likes on Instagram & Implement Smart Strategies for Using SEO on Instagram for Boosting Social Marketing

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Likes on Instagram is predominantly a social media marketing platform that has gained phenomenal success and popularity over the years. It is an image-oriented social media platform, where multiple brands are gathering together and learning effective SEO methods to implement to push and boost their unique brand messaging.

Instagram as a platform for social marketing necessitates the content curator to focus on mastering creativity skills utilizing photography with relevant hashtags and short text descriptions.

Often businesses on Instagram wonder if they could implement the same search engine optimization techniques that they use for optimizing web pages for Instagram or any such social media application. Fortunately, you can.

As per https://blog.hubspot.com, the secret is not to insist on ‘shoe-horning Instagram’ directly into your current SEO stratagem, but to use your SEO knowledge into driving organic growth directly to your Instagram Business account.

A common mistake often committed by businesses is that they concentrate on a design that seems eye-catching instead of focusing their attention on a design that is capable of maximizing their conversion rates.

As per searchenginejournal.com, Instagram is the destination to head for a highly-active and engaged user base. Instagram is regarded as a ‘potential goldmine’ for all those shrewd businesses and brands that have sound knowledge of ways to do their marketing perfectly.

However, despite the versatility of the platform and massive opportunities provided by Instagram, not too many organizations are performing or pursuing Instagram marketing properly. If you wish to gain success on Instagram, you must implement smart strategies for using SEO on Instagram for boosting social marketing.

Identify Your Brand’s Message

The first proactive step to take for coming up with good SEO on Instagram is to seamlessly align your endeavors with the unique messaging of your brand. Use certain concise key phrases and incorporate relevant hashtags and keywords as well.

You may be having a clear-cut well-established brand messaging but it pays to keep in mind that Instagram is a visually-focused platform and therefore, it is more about images and you may have to create a more shortened and compact brand message and shift your focus to how best to visually represent your unique brand.

The shortened tags should be your unique messaging for your brand and it should be utilized regularly and do not forget to incorporate new photographic content into the message and then use on Instagram.

Use precise keywords while describing your Instagram picture and that should make sure that your account on Instagram has been indexed in fundamentally a relevant category online.

Organize Contests for Prizes &  Likes on Instagram

Even though several brands have organized a contest on some other social media platforms, Instagram is truly a fabulous resource and platform that is witnessing a major influx of contests.

Experts recommend investing some money into arranging a certain number of prizes for people who have participated in your contest on this powerful Instagram platform as that could help you gain thousands of brand new followers.

Moreover, you could check likes on Instagram to boost engagement. Your contest must certainly be picture-oriented. Your contest image must necessarily be relevant to the contest prize.

Your contest publicity should be catchy enough to make sure that more and more Instagram users or contestants are enticed to fulfill all specified entry requirements.

Research the Right Keywords and Relevant Hashtags

While researching relevant hashtags and keywords on Instagram, it is difficult to identify a place for evaluating hashtag and keyword data for optimizing your Instagram account.

You could consider utilizing apt apps for seeing what hashtags other people are using on Instagram. These apps would not be organizing the hashtags properly for demonstrating true relevancy.

Your content curators have the responsibility of determining precise hashtags that should be working best for boosting SEO reach and overall popularity on Instagram.

Reap the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

A most innovative and effective way of using Instagram for boosting social marketing is using influencers to promote your brand messaging. Influencers could be well-known bloggers, celebrities, or some other highly-connected individuals with an impressive fan base or follower on Instagram. Likes on Instagram.

Choose some of them who match with your niche. Focus your attention on reaching out to celebrities and other reputed influencers in your industry or niche. Convince them to post content relevant to your brand and offer them fees for their favor. You may alternatively, offer free merchandise for helping you out in boosting your SEO. 


There is a whole lot of controversial data floating in the air regarding whether Google indexes some of these social media profiles. We know that while search engines such as Google and Bing may claim that indexing social media profiles goes a long way in impacting the search engine results. You must consider focusing on SEO for boosting social marketing since search engines are evolving constantly.

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