Lissa in Macao Private Video Goes Viral on Social Media 

Lissa in Macao has become a hot topic in the media. According to news reports, a private video featuring her in a compromising situation is currently making the rounds on various social media platforms. Initially, the video was released on Twitter and later spread to Telegram and Instagram.

Regarding the viral clip, the exact origin of the leak remains unknown, but it has sparked a debate over privacy laws on social media. Many users are siding with her, arguing that her privacy has been breached, while others are questioning the authenticity of the video. It should be noted that the relevance of the clip has yet to be officially confirmed by relevant sources.

Lissa in Macao Private Video Dominates the Internet 

Till now, neither Lissa in Macao nor her management has made any statements. Lissa in Macao first came into the limelight when she won Miss Popular 2020 Season 2. She has been in the modeling and singing industry since she was a child.

She was born on 17 August 1997 in Indonesia and is known by other names, including Chieng Lie Sa. Besides being a singer, she is a businesswoman, dancer, and actress. On a professional front, she is known by her stage name Lisa Son.

As a model, she has been part of many hit campaigns such as Kojima Honey, Orang Tua brand wine, Purbasari Cosmetics, HiLo Teen,, and Allianz Insurance.

Since her teenage years, she wanted to pursue her dream and moved to Jakarta. Initially, in 2019, she appeared in the YouTube comedy web series Dr. Sintal.

This made her a household name and garnered enough fanbase to support her singing career later. In 2021, she was part of the “What In Where” campaign initiated by 76Rider.

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