Lohri 2022 Date, History, Significance, Puja Timing, Vidhi, and More

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Lohri is a famous festival in North India, especially the agricultural state of Punjab. The festival of Lohri is celebrated as the harvesting and sowing of crops. It is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti. These days, kites are flying all over the country. These days the festival is enjoyed all over the country with different beliefs. Lohri is a special festival for Sikh Community, and has great importance for newly married couples.

Lohri 2022 Date

Like every year, the festival of Lohri will be celebrated on 13th January this year too. This time this festival will be celebrated on Thursday.


The festival of Lohri is associated with the story of Dulla Bhatti. According to the story, Dulla Bhatti used to live in Punjab during the reign of Emperor Akbar. He freed Hindu girls who were being forcibly sold, and also looted money from the rich and feudal lords and distributed it among the poor. Along with this, he got all these girls married to Hindu boys according to Hindu customs and also gave them dowry. Due to which he became the hero of the people of Punjab. That is why even today, his name is definitely taken to express gratitude to Dulla Bhatti in the songs of Lohri.

According to another legend, on the day of Makar Sankranti, Kansa sent a demon named Lohita to Gokul to kill Shri Krishna, who was killed by Shri Krishna in a game. As a result of this incident, the Lohri festival is celebrated.

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The festival of Lohri is celebrated as the harvesting and sowing of crops. On this day people dance and sing around it by lighting a fire and celebrating happiness. There is a tradition of putting jaggery, sesame, revdi, gajak in the fire and then distributing it amongst each other. The new bride has great importance in the house. Married sisters and daughters are invited at home on this day. This festival is celebrated for the protection and honour of sisters and daughters. This festival is celebrated during the harvest season in Punjab. On this day the Rabi crop is dedicated to Agni and thanks are given to the Surya Dev and Agni.

Lohri 2022 Puja Timing

Lohri is celebrated on 13 January every year. Lohri Puja is on 13 January at 7.34 pm. According to Hindu Jantri, argha will start after 7.34 pm on 14 January.

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Lohri 2022 Puja Vidhi

The festival of Lohri is celebrated in many places in the country. Special worship of Shri Krishna, Adishakti and Agnidev is done on this day. On the day of Lohri, place an idol or picture of Adishakti in the west direction of the house and light a mustard oil lamp. Then offer sandalwood and belpatra on the idol. Stir in fudge and sesame seeds. Then take dry coconut and add camphor to it. After lighting the fire, add sesame, corn and groundnut and do tawaaf 7 or 11 times. It is believed that by doing this, the grace of Mahadevi remains on a person throughout the year. Also, there is never any shortage of money and food.

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