Lose Your Extra Weight Fast With These Smart And Healthy Tips That Actually Work!

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If you are thinking of getting rid of your extra fat, you should always seek a healthy way to do it, one that is recommended by your Doctor. Generally speaking, a recommended healthy weight loss regime is one where you can lose 1 or 2 pounds of your weight every week, consistently. It is the most steady and effective way of weight management in the long run.

You may have already come across a number of weight loss programs and diets, where the eating plans may leave you with a feeling of lingering hunger and dissatisfaction. These are the sole reasons that make it even more difficult for you to consistently stick to the plan for a long time. Well, we have good news for you today.

You do not have to torture yourself or your taste buds to get rid of that extra fat, for there are a number of diets that do not require you to starve, such as a low carb diet, a balanced and whole food diet, or a low-calorie diet. But they provide you with results that are better than your expectations. In this article, we will share with you some healthy tips that will help you get rid of your extra weight fast!

  1. The First Step to Your Weight Loss Journey: Cut Back On All Those Refined Carbs from Your Food

A proven way that will actually provide you with effective results is to cut back on all the carbohydrates, starch, or sugar-based food from your diet. You can achieve it by solely sticking to an eating plan with a low carb count, or you can simply replace the refined carbs in your diet with a diet of whole grains.

Why is it so effective? Whole grains have a low fat count when compared to carbs or sugars, and it helps you have a fuller stomach for a longer amount of time, for which you end up consuming less amount of food.

And the added bonus, with this diet you burn the excess fat that is stored in your body for your energy, instead of utilizing the carbs. Studies have confirmed that a low-carb diet is especially effective amongst the older population for weight loss purposes.

  1. You Must Include At Least One Source Of Protein, Vegetable, And Fat, In All Your Meals

You need to put extra attention to the fact that your energy levels still remain the same and you do not feel tired or exhausted while you are following through with your diet plan. Hence, it is important that you maintain a healthy and balanced eating habit, and your diet must include at least one source of protein, fat, vegetable, and a little number of complex carbohydrates, for instance, whole grains.

A protein source is an essential component that must be incorporated into your diet plans for you to maintain a healthy muscle mass and preserve good health while losing your excess weight. 

Diet Plan

It includes meat, fish, seafood, eggs, beans, or legumes, etc. Intake of an adequate amount of proteins is effective in improving your body weight, appetite, and reducing risk factors related to cardio- metabolism. An average male needs to consume 56 to 91 grams of protein, while an average female needs an average of 46 to 75 grams regularly.

Similarly, a consistent source of healthy fat is important to be incorporated into your diet, as your body requires it. Healthy sources of fat include olive oil or avocado oil, whereas high saturated fats such as butter or coconut oil must be avoided or used in moderation.

  1. Exercising and Moving Your Body Is an Essential to Get Rid Of Your Excess Weight Quickly

While exercising may not be considered essential for losing your weight but in order to carry out the entire process at a quicker and healthier pace. And one of the most effective ways to do it is lifting some weights, as it also comes with a lot of additional benefits.

 Lifting weights not only enables you to burn the excess calories from your body at a great pace, but the process also prevents your metabolism capacity from slowing down from its usual rate, which is a very common side effect that comes along with losing weight at a fast rate.

It is advisable that you enroll in a gym to lift weights and work out at least 3 to 4 times every week. If you have not visited a gym before and have no idea that should be your ideal weight, then you must consult a gym trainer. Do not forget to let your doctor know about all of your exercise plans.

And if for some reason you are not able to lift weights, then worry not, for other types of freehand exercises or workout programs such as cardio, yoga, cycling, jogging, swimming, or even walking is particularly effective when it comes to quick weight loss or maintaining general great health. If you are running on a busy working schedule, you may consider buying some fitness equipment for your own comfy workout sessions in your own home. 

4. And Last But Not the Least: Count Your Calorie Intake And Control Your Portions

Although it might not be a necessary step to keep a track of your calorie intake in case you are sticking to a low carb diet, you need to be extra aware that your carb count is excessively low and you are constantly sticking to a diet mostly consisting of proteins, fats, and vegetables with a very low carb count.

However, in case you are sticking to this plan for quite a long time yet do not observe any particular change in your weight, then you should definitely start counting your calorie intake, as most of the time your calories are the biggest contributor to your weight gain. There are a lot of free calorie calculators that you will easily find on the internet, which is very effective.

All you need to do is enter your sex, age, weight, height, activity level, and ideal body weight, and keep a track of your regular calorie intake. 

The calculators will notify you of what you should and should not consume to maintain an effective weight loss rate. You must keep in mind that eating too few calories is just as dangerous for your weight loss as is consuming too much.

We hope that you found our article helpful in your journey of weight loss!

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