Lotto x5 Launches To Challenge The National Lottery

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Lottoland, a famous name in the realms of the lottery business. The company creates pleasing havocs each time it adverts its brand new lottery schemes. This time they have accurately hit the marketing spots by being the burning topic of the lottery industry. So let’s see what new lottery idea did Lottoland bring to the table with lotto x5. 

Introduction To Lotto x5: The Brand New Lottery Scheme 

Lottoland recently jolted the online lottery system through the introduction of lotto x5. Lotto x5, a brand new opportunity that opens up several victory doors for the lottery players. A simple betting game where players are liberated five chances to earn a considerably high amount of 1 million euro pounds for every 1 euro pound they put at stake. 

The game has been the talk of the season ever since its announcement. And it is most likely to be considered a powerful element to challenge the national lottery league with its high cash prize and conveniently smooth norms. 

How The Concept Of Lotto x5 Emerged? 

The entirety of Europe is one big lottery buff, and Lottoland just happens to comprehend that generic lottery fandom. Thus, Lottoland conducted multiple surveys to determine the most wanted lottery games, and turns out a majority of Europe was adorably obsessed with the imperially classic lotto format. The lotto where players stood chances of scoring a million euro pounds at the stake if 1 euro pound bet. 

This survey was indicative enough for Lottoland to reanimate the classic lotto format with a few modern lottery games spiced upstrokes, and that’s how lotto x5 came into existence. 

Lotto x5, an accumulation of European expectations and Lottoland’s priceless efforts. A game that replaced lottery rollovers with multiple stake chances, thereby easing up the entire procedure. 

Procedures and Norms Involved in Lotto x5 Bets 

Lotto x5 is so far Lottoland’s best efforts at retrieving classics and twisting them with modern setups. The game offers each player a chance to win million euro pounds at a minimal wager of 1 euro. The game is extremely simple in rules; you need to do is:

  • Choose six digits from a group of numbers that is most likely to be 1 to 59.
  • And you are then proceeded to a multi-prize lottery draw that provides players with the liberty of throwing five chances to win millions of euro pounds. 
  • This newly launched twisted classic game of lotto x5  holds its drawing hours every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 
  • This would mean that you people have a total of fifteen chances a week to score a hefty amount of one million euro pounds. 
  • An affordable substitute to every other betting game you have ever been with profusely liberated norms. A pack of wonders, to put it another way. 

How Does The Lotto x5 Lottery System Bet Function? 

  • A system bet allows the players to choose at least six of the standard main betting numbers. 
  • A single bet line in Lotto x5 requires six numbers; therefore, all the six numbers you chose will be submitted as various six number combinations to the bet leagues. 
  • To initiate system bets, simply click on additional numbers you want to bet on, and the system bet would automatically be activated. 
  • System bets allow you to choose more than six numbers, six being the standard figure for bet norms, but with system bets, you can boost the figure up to 13 bets. 

The Feature of Subscription Bet 

Every avid lottery player would relate to the problem of not being aware of the lottery dates. People get tangled in professional and social commitments so much that they tend to overlook these dates. And for such players, the Lottoland presented a lotto x5 subscription bet feature. A feature that automatically subscribes you to every lottery game that takes place, so even if you forget to book dates, you are already registered for the game night. 

The subscription could easily be canceled at your convenience anytime you choose it. It offers players an incredibly excellent opportunity not to repeat bet lines. Because if you visit the site late, you will end up buying the same betting options, thereby decreasing your victory prospects. 

To cancel a subscription bet, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Lottoland account. 
  • Go to the lotto x5 area on the website. 
  • Then search for the ‘my activity bold’ column of your lotto x5 account. 
  • Then go to the right end corner of the page, an option beside relevant bets. 
  • The option that allows you to cancel subscription bets. 
  • After this, your subscription to the subscription bet will not renew after completing its current billing period. 

The Lovely Bonus That Accompanies The Lottery 

The newly launched lotto x5 seems like a dream come true in the lottery world that naturally makes players venture what more can they get? Well, there is more that they can get, and that is a bonus. 

Lottoland recently announced its bonus policy for lotto x5. The offer clearly stated that anyone applying for the lottery game would be subjected to a bonus coupon of thirty elephant scratchcards. 

To claim this offer: 

  • Sign in to your Lottoland account 
  • Pick six numbers within 1 to 59
  • These numbers would be entered as five separate draws during the game. 
  • And then your 30 elephant scratchcards would be readily available for you to play. 


The lotto x5 is a revolutionary betting concept in the lottery world with affordable bets, greater prizes, and exclusive offers. The game is most likely to succeed in the lottery arena. thenyic địa chỉ đánh đề online uy tín

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