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The news of Rishika’s second pregnancy after Rivaan, brought along utter happiness and celebration in the Shah family. It was the feeling of a complete family for Rishabh and Rishika – “Hum do, humare do!” Shortly thereafter, little Rudri was born. The house was full of giggles and gurgles. But it was time again for sleepless nights and endless feeds for Rishika. Her body clock had gone for a toss. But, having experienced all the anxiety at the time of Rivaan, she thought she was far more prepared. Being a mother, the first time around was definitely more unnerving than going through this experience all over again. Though it felt like ages when she reflected upon Rivaan’s birth and initial days. She recollected her helplessness and anxiety as a new mother in her initial days after giving birth to Rivaan. She didn’t know why he cried, she didn’t know what was bothering him, but his cries always tore her heart. But as she learned the tricks of the trade of being a mother, she was far more confident of handling motherhood with Rudri. 

What she had completely overlooked were the additional responsibilities that now needed attention from her. There was an endless sea of household chores to be done and to add to that, with her new business shaping up and her freelance work as a content writer growing gradually since the last six months, she was at the cusp of taking her business to the next level. This pregnancy and now little Rudri, although planned, was throwing surprises at her daily. While one day it was colic that caused Rudri the discomfort and kept her up and crying till 2 am, the other day it was Rivaan whose school project needed Rishika stepping in as the crafty creative wonder mom. With all this, she hardly ever got the time for herself. Even switching on the TV once a week seemed like a dream. Her only connection with the outside world was her cell phone on which she kept checking out various sites and deals that would help make her life easy and less stressful. 

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She remembered always getting the best for Rivaan, as a new mother. There was never compromise on quality and Rishika had gone to great lengths to ensure Rivaan got the best of clothes, toys, books, etc. as he grew up. So now with Rudri too, she didn’t want to compromise on anything. She wanted the best for her as well. While she had kept many of Rivaan’s baby clothes and things as memorabilia and was now using it as hand-me-downs for Rudri, she definitely wanted some unique clothes, toys, and personal care products for Rudri. But who had the time to go and explore the many shops in the area and find the one that best suited her likes and quality standards?

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Upon googling, LoveLocal came as the much-needed saviour for Rishika. She had heard about LoveLocal but had never explored it before. Her friends used to buy everything from groceries to stationery to medical supplies, everything that would be needed around the house, was all just a click away. 

Rishika was overjoyed with the ‘Recommended section’ offering a wide variety of everything a newborn would need, from diapers, massage oils, shampoos, accessories to lotions and creams. LoveLocal had it all. Not just the things mentioned above, LoveLocal also had the best formula milk options as well as health supplements that Rishika would need every day. The best part was that they were always delivered on time and in the most effective manner. LoveLocal also gave her options to club products and avail of combo offers on whatever she bought. The merchant options provided on LoveLocal offered several varieties to choose from, and she was happy with all of this available within a few clicks, all at the convenience of home delivery, right at her doorstep. She didn’t have to get out and go looking for the best options for her children anymore. LoveLocal had made it possible to be her friendly support system, providing her with all the neighbourhood options, all available on one platform. With LoveLocal, Rishika felt far more in control of her life and time hereon. 

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