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Lucknow’s chikankari, Kannauj’s perfume will be shown at the Noida’s trade fair soon

Noida– The first-of-its-kind international trade show is all set to be organized in September from 21-25th. It will create better opportunities for entrepreneurs, exporters as well as artisans. The show will display products related to UP markets to the world. Nand Gopal Gupta, UP cabinet minister stated that the event will be held in  India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida.

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Around 2,000 exporters and manufacturers from MSME, education, tourism and hospitality, textiles, health as well as food and agro-processing departments to name a few will be showcasing their products at the event. These products include perfume from Kannauj, pink meenakari and silk from Varanasi, black pottery from Azamgarh and brassware from Moradabad. 

Nand further added that the trade show will be organised every year thus improving the economic goals as well as boosting the economy of the state. “After an over Rs 33.50 lakh crore investment in UP via the Global Investor Summit in February 2023, this is a step towards increasing state products in the international market. This event will promote trade and business by bringing products and services from various sectors in the state under one roof and showcasing them in front of consumers from the country and abroad,” he said.

On Sunday, Rakesh Sachan, the UP cabinet minister of MSME, sericulture and textile, village industries and Khadi and Nand, who also holds the portfolio of industrial development and export promotion released the logo of the event. 

Nand also said that the trade show will be more like a one-stop destination for the local products and the talent of artisans. It will support the export and MSMEs unit of the state, building trade facilitation centres in foreign countries. Make sure to check out the trade show in September. 

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